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I give big Nylabones to Lido. I just make sure to take them away once the knuckle part has been chewed down. I got away from split antlers after one of my other dogs fractured two molars chewing on them. Marrow bones can also fracture teeth, plus they can choke on them, if too small. My husband's nephew's dog, a pit bull mix, got a marrow bone lodged around his bottom teeth and had to have it removed at the vet.
Diggity has an occasional interest in nylabones. I wish he had more of an interest in them. I've tried different sizes and shapes and he's meh about them. He is much more interested in chewing sticks and as of the last few nights, he is systematically chewing off the dead sticks from all my hydrangea bushes. At least he isn't interested in the mulch around my yard anymore!