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      He likes everything!

      So far, there is not ONE food item that Diggity dislikes. He eats everything, even things I am surprised he will, such as lettuce and orange slices. I keep wondering if his tastes will change as he gets older.

      My previous dog Sprocket would only eat lettuce if I put a tiny bit of salad dressing on it. She was a silly girl. Diggity gobbles it down plain.

      Are any of your young (or older) labs like this?

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      I think it's more of a "puppy" thing. Lab puppies will eat anything and everything (as you already know).

      As they get older, I think their taste buds change...just my opinion.

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      All three of mine, from 8 months to 8 years, eat everything except things that are spicy or very bitter. I've never had a Lab that was any different. Presto did try very hard to eat a lemon slice, but he just couldn't do it!

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      The only thing I know Oban won't eat is rhubarb. Oranges are a special treat for him. Oh. Well he won't eat lemons or limes, but neither would many of us, not straight.
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