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      How Much To Feed Now

      So Stig just turned 1 recently and he's still getting 4 cups of food a day...2 cups twice a day.

      I'm wondering if that's too much now that he's not growing much anymore, and he just got neutered. He weighs about 85 pounds (English Lab), and is quite muscular. I plan on asking the breeder we got him from as well.

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      slowly adjust down. My intact 15 month old could use 5 cups a day, I give him 4 right now. My adults all get 2 cups a day (1 cup a meal)

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      amandalmw (04-08-2015)

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      Bacon is an active hunting intact male, 18 months, and he eats 4 cups a day. Keep an eye on his ribs, if you can feel, but not see them, you are at a healthy weight. If you are having to push to find his ribs, then you may want to cut food back, but do it slowly!
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      I'm with Baconsmom, feel for his ribs, should not be visible but easily found - and adjust food up or down from there.

      My almost 4 year old gets about 3 cups a day (and probably close to 4 on weekends) if I add in the treats and she is 52lbs (field bred) and only just has her ribs covered, my lazy 10 1/2 year old gets about 1 1/2 cups a day, and is a little overweight (about 56lbs, shelter-dog, lab or lab/golden) but I don't have the heart to feed her less.

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      amandalmw (04-10-2015)

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      May 2014
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      Bruce just turned 1. He gets 4 cups (2 cups twice a day) Fromm 4 star. Salmon a la veg this bag. I rotate proteins every bag. He also get salmon scraps, egg yolks and fat free greek yogurt daily. He's a solid 73 pounds, you can easily feel his ribs.

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      amandalmw (04-10-2015)

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      I agree just keep an eye on him, and a trip to the vets for a checkup wouldn't hurt. It's hard to see a few pounds accumulating if you see them every day and another pair of eyes can point it out to you.

      Activity level would also count for a lot. Sunshine was eating 6 cups a day of Purina Pro up until just over two years old. She was a lean 80# - 82# at every weigh in. She also required 4 to 5 hours a day of off leash activity. She jumped up to 90# over the winter, even I noticed she was "filling out" with her adult form. I could still easily feel her ribs and noticed her coat was really thick. Looking from the top, she has a well defined waist line and from the side, she looks great. The vet was concerned about the 'sudden weight gain' and asked me to cut back on food and keep an eye on her. He said she was not getting fat, she was just mature now. I cut back slowly to 4 cups a day. It was heart breaking to watch her eat, then l@@k over at me, then back at the dish. Standing there, staring down at it.

      Now that spring is here, YEAH!, She is back up to 5 cups a day. Her weight has been consistent, around 90#, but she also gets more outside exercise now that it is warmer. We are also getting carrots, radishes and spinach from the garden so she spends a lot of time RUNNING around the garden fence waiting for me to harvest treats for her.

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      amandalmw (04-10-2015)

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