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      Dec 2014
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      when do I start adult food

      my 4 month old recently went to the vet for his last set of shots,while there my vet said that I should start him on adult food.T his is my 3rd lab from a puppy and this is the 1st one she has said to start on the adult food at this young .My friend has a 2 year old yellow,at 4 months his vet told him the same thing.The dog turned obese,very heavy and is now on a strick diet but it looks like the damage has been done.His arms are bigger then mine and i'm 6'4 350 lbs..I signed my dog up for training and mention it to the trainer,the trainer said 1 year on puppy food as did my wife.I called my breeder ,he as well said at least 9 months on the puppy food as it is specific to the puppies nutrition in his growing stage,also the food say's on the side feed until 1 year old so now I'm confused-fullsizerender-11-jpg-fullsizerender-11-jpg

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      I'm not surprised that you are confused since everyone seems to have a different answer as to when to move to adult food for our puppies…you'll find the same confusion over Large Breed and Regular Food.

      The best advice is to use that which comes from your Breeder as they know their own line. If THEY feed the puppies they raise till 9 months, then 9 months is what I'd suggest you do as well. However, having said that I'll follow with this - each puppy is different and your particular puppy may need a different regimen. If too much rapid growth is an issue with your puppy, then an earlier switch over should be considered. That advice comes from our Breeder.

      As for your friends obese Labrador, it likely had nothing to do with switching over too soon but more to do with a) lack of exercise and/or b) feeding too large an amount and including too many treats. It doesn't seem to take as long for a Lab to gain too much weight and unfortunately, many owners don't realize that the weight is being gained until suddenly someone points it out or a weigh in at the vet shocks them. It does seem to take a long time to get that weight off the Labs though… : 0

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      Do what the breeder tells you to do.
      Jack, Jed, Tickle and Grizz
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      Dec 2014
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      thanks everyone,my breeder said "He's not even a teenager so why would you put him on adult food so I will follow that advice,the breeder tells me to keep in touch he likes to hear up dates on the pup

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      Chopper will be 10 months old in one week. I just heard back from my breeder. She told me I can switch to adult dog food now.

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