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      Confused about amounts to give when switching food


      Just found this site this morning and so glad I did. Lots of good info.! We have always had little dogs and this is our first large breed so bear with me.

      Our boy is 13 weeks old today. He had been eating the Kirkland brand puppy food which is what the breeder had been giving him. His stool was always on the soft side on it. When the vet had us up his food amount, he started having diarrhea. The checked his stool just to make sure and it was normal. Put him on chicken and rice and forti-flora. That night he had vomiting and liquid stool in his crate. (never had an accident in his crate before)

      Took him to emerg. vet and they put him on ID turkey for three days then told us to slowly add in kibble. We were going to switch food anyway, so I got the Blue basics Turkey formula. He had the ID yesterday and I mixed in 1/4 cup at each feeding to ever so slowly add it in. Last night he was up 3 times with diarrhea. Now after reading some previous posts, I am thinking the Blue food might not have been the best choice. Now I am thinking maybe trying the ProPlan Puppy. How much should I mix in before pulling the ID away? Aside from the stomach issues, he is acting like his normal self.

      Thanks so much!

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      I am not fond of anything Blue Buffalo. They were recently sued for lying about their ingredients.

      One thing with puppies, they will have soft stools if they are eating too much. So if you upped his food, the diarrhea could simply be related to that.

      At this point, I would just put the pup on Pro Plan, no mixing. He's already got tummy problems, best to get him off the other stuff. Try 1 cup of Pro Plan puppy, 3 meals a day. So he'd be getting 3 cups a day. When you up, only up by 1/4 cup maybe one meal and gauge by consistency of the poops.

      Also, many pups have problems with giardia. And it's hard for a vet to see that one in the office under a microscope. It's gross, but if poop is greenish, mucusy, smells metallic awful v. just plain old poop, that could be the problem too.

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