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      Oct 2015
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      Puppy feeding advice

      I've been reading this forum for a long, long time but just joined recently when 10-week old Harper joined our family. (She's now 14 weeks.) We got her from a breeder who was feeding ProPlan Puppy Chicken and Rice, and I've learned through everyone here that it's best not to change her diet too soon.

      So this is where it (might) get sticky. At a recent visit to the vet we discovered she had a yeast infection in her ears; I knew they were smelly so it wasn't really a surprise. Her eyes had also been a bit "goopy" when we brought her home, but after the vet prescribed erythrmycin ointment they cleared up. Anyway, the vet said that at this young age the yeasty ears might indicate a food allergy/sensitivity.

      So the bag of ProPlan is getting low and I'm wondering if I should start looking at other foods to transition her over? I was happy with using ProPlan for the time being, and other the eyes and ears, she seems to be doing well with it. Should I assume it's the food that's not agreeing or should I look into over causes before switching foods?-harper-10-18-15-jpg
      Above is Harper the day we brought her home (10 weeks--with eye stuff), and below is Harper earlier this week (14 -harper-11-15-15-jpgweeks).

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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      Changing the food hoping to find the culprit can also be a rocky road. I think Pro Plan has a Lamb version, you could try that with not much of a problem. My pup who's 5 months has a bit of a damp, dirty ear, but she has a small head and her ear canal is really small right now. I am assuming when she gets a bigger head, we might stop the issue. Pro Plan also has a more "natural" line that you could try.

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      Oct 2015
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      I agree that "food roulette" is not something I really want to start. And I did see the ProPlan lamb version. . . . Maybe I'll give that a try.


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      packer is on Fromm ,never any issues he is now 11 months-img_9234-jpg

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