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      Tegan was very skinny when we got her at 10 weeks and was around 12 pounds. She's 6yo now and 70lbs. As others commented, sounds like he isnt getting enough food intake.
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      I would feed him more as well. Barley was 13 pounds at 8 weeks when we got him home - and honestly - he was always on the slim side. I fed him about 3 1/2 cups of food when he was a puppy. He is now over a year and 1/2 and is not quite a 70 pounds - and is very very healthy and gets lots of exercise - so looks lean and very strong. (Moby was always thicker and stockier as he was an English lab - so it is sort of shocking for me to realize that Barley weighs about the same as Moby did - but looks so much thinner.
      Forever in my heart - Sweet gentle Moby - lover of belly rubs, bacon, and Barbara 9-10-2001 to 11-2-2015

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      His weight is similar to several Seeing Eye pups I have known. They were bred to be small. Is he being treated with metronidazole and/or albon? What is his bland diet and what is his kibble? Once he feels better, he should start gaining weight. Several small meals a day are easier on the tummy than two big ones.

      He sure is cute!

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