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      Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach for Puppies??

      I have had my 6 month old Chocolate on Pro Form Puppy food from Poulin Grain since we got him at 8 weeks. That food is really rich I believe.

      The past two months he has had mostly loose stools. The vet has given him some biotics of some kind but it still persist. I decided to try and switch him to Pro Plan focus for puppys a couple weeks ago and looks like it had not made much difference so far. I am weaning him on it gradually.

      I have had suggestions of feeding him less, 3 cups a day now and finding the right food for him. He weighs about 60 lbs

      I don't want to do any more switching than I have to but I thought I saw someone on here talking about a sensitive stomach Pro Plan but I can't seem to find it.

      Does one exist or is it only in Adult version?

      Should I try a different version of the Pro Plan?

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      I'm guessing the vet has checked your pup for parasites, worms, and giardia? Giardia seems to be a difficult to diagnose problem, not automatically evident in every stool sample. Has your pup been treated with any antibiotics or antimicrobials since the soft stools appeared? Knowing this might help those who have dealt with similar issues if there was a bit more background.

      The ProPlan sensitive skin and stomach formula is an adult formula, not an All Life Stages formula. The calcium and phosphorus levels are the same as their other formulas, so I'm not sure what keeps it from being and ALS food. Some breeders or vets will recommend switching to an adult formula by the time the pup is 4 to 6 months of age anyway, so the PP SSS might be OK. We can see what some of the others say about that. Both of our lab breeders said the switch to adult was OK at 4-6 months. Did you get your pup from a breeder who might help you with food recommendations? Breeders often know what works best for their dogs.

      Hopefully we can give you some helpful suggestions.

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      Oct 2015
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      Yes he had Giardia but that was cleared up 4 months ago. I have been trying the food switch but I probably will take a sample in just to see if anything has come up

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      At 6 months, you don't need a puppy food.

      Giardia can keep recurring. It's rarely ever really gone. Pups can also get an overgrowth of bacteria in their system. Probiotics may need to be a part of EVERY meal. We are going through this with Wrigley, our griff.

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