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      Mayson, 9 weeks old

      Week one is complete, everything running the course --- sniffing, outside, sharp teeth, sniffing, outside, bitey bitey, sleep, sleep, outside, etc, etc. Sleeping thru the night is hit or miss, we had one night of 6 hours and last night was 7 hours but most has been needing to go outside every 3 hours. During the day time, it seems like the longest he can hold it in the crate is 1.5 hours. Trying to stretch that to 2-3 hours but every time we do, he's peed in the crate. All in good time. Murphy (the 4 year old) seems to be adapting quickly. When they start playing together, my husband and I just sit back and enjoy, it so beautiful! Murphy still growls when Mayson gets too close when he doesn't want him near, but all seems to be "normal". Started some basic training - he's got sit and down nailed. It's hilarious when occasionally I do sit and downs side by side with Murphy and they do it almost exactly the same. Need to catch a video of that while he's still so little.

      So, here's some pictures from this afternoon! Mayson has found the afternoon sunbeam spot:

      And then Murphy came to join the photoshoot:

      And then he sat down next to Mayson!!! While he may look annoyed, Murphy hates looking at the camera!

      And we're back up...

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      Cute pictures, Mayson is such a cutie pie! Looks like Murphy decided that nice sunny spot might be a good place to lie down also, as long as Mayson was otherwise occupied. The last photo looks like Mayson is saying, Hey, you sniffed me, now it's my turn!

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      Cute pics and cute pups!

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      Enjoy the little puppy stage, it's way to short!! A very cute pair!

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      So cute. Glad Murphy is starting to play with Mayson

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      May 2014
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      What a little cutie! Good to see them playing together. Love the sunbeam picture.

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