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      Quote Originally Posted by Lisa-Marie View Post
      Thank you!! I am Trying so hard, it's not easy Lol thought it would be a lot easier than this, Thank god the temps here in Pittsburgh are high 80s so we can still enjoy the Outdoors and not knock over my TV Lol as almost happened today
      Bringing home a new puppy is definately not easy and dont be disappointed if they dont end up as playmates. Just give it time, and some correction from the older dog is absolutely necessary so unless there is true aggression and the older one actually wants to go in for a bite, dont get to worried about the snarls and growls, its outright aggression that is a problem, not a normal adult dog simply teaching a puppy on the proper rules of doggie etiquette.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lisa-Marie View Post
      No first of all I am NOT using him as a Therapy Dog, Idk where that came from?!! I wanted a playmate for Remington is all!! and Thought it was a good time to try since he is only 5 1/2 yrs old when the puppy isn't messing w him, he's fine!!
      Sorry, I must have confused your new boy with another pup who was coming home soon. Oops! Sorry!

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      Sounds just like Samson. It took four months - maybe a little more for Samson to even get near Asher. Asher is 10 months old right now and all they do is play bitey face. Literally, that is all that Samson will allow. If Asher jumps up on the couch to lay by Samson, he growls and jumps off the couch. Samson has come a long way and even though Samson doesn't snuggle Asher, Asher has made a significant positive impact on Samson's life. It's not at all how I imagined it, but Samson sure does love the little guy....just on his own terms.

      My suggestion - keep the puppy away from your big guy if you can. Give extra attention to Remi. Show him that you are correcting the puppy with the puppy become overly excited around him. Hold puppy if Remington tries to sniff...will help give him some time to get check out the puppy without being pounced. Play with Remi while puppy is crated. Oh, try to keep puppy on a leash while around Remi so you can easily contain puppy. I had Asher on lease until he was about 7 months old in the house so I could keep him at bay. I'm thinking Remi will turn it around over time. Samson was 4.5 yr old, never around other dogs....aside from seeing them out on walks. It's just me and let me say Samson is my baby. He is spoiled. Nothing but hugs and snuggling on the couch for 4.5 yrs. Samson still gets the bed with me, Asher is crated at night. Hang in there. I hope you don't give puppy back......It's only been a few weeks right? And ps - I'm no expert by any means...just dealt with the same as you.

      PSS- check out the labrador pictures forum -- I think I titled the post - Bark Box Saturday. The last picture on there, that's all they do - Bitey face.
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      Bring a new puppy home is a really stressful time, for everyone, until having the puppy around is the 'new normal'. You have had your new baby just a week, and it sounds like the puppy is doing really well with crate training, and housebreaking, Bravo!! Puppies are a lot more work than most people remember, but I am a little surprised that you are considering returning him to the breeder so quickly.

      A new puppy is like a new baby in the house, Ruger the baby, needs, time, love and special attention, and that will temporarily take away attention from the older dog, and upsets their routine. My suggestion is to keep up with Remington's normal routine, walks, feeding time, training, car rides, etc... on his regular schedule. My other suggestion is, trying to play and nipping at Remington is not fun for Remington, baby puppy shark teeth hurt and is not enjoyable (for us either). If Remington wants to discipline the puppy, he absolutely has a right to do so, but he also needs breaks from the puppy harassing him. I am also like Jen, my dogs don't have to love each other (they do though, and I have 5 bitches living together!) but they have to respect me, and each other, and that takes management skills.

      My last thought is that getting a puppy for a playmate for your dog isn't a good reason to get a new puppy. It should be a well thought out commitment and family decision when everyone is ready to add a new family member. I think that Remington will eventually adjust, you need to give him more time. But if you really feel that Remington won't ever adjust, and you aren't ready for the challenges of a two dog household, and are feeling overwhelmed, absolutely send him back to the breeder so they can find an appropriate home for him, while he is young, and not a 6 month/12 month old puppy (or older) with issues.

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