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      Presto is 11 weeks old!

      Mr. P, as I affectionately call him, is 11 weeks old. Time is flying!

      The little guy, who is not so little anymore, is potty trained. I mean, he's a puppy, so anything can happen. But, he was super easy. He is still sleeping through the night (10pm - 6-7am). Everyone is getting along well, except there is some love/hate stuff going on with the cat, as was expected.

      Presto is a fast learner and while I have been focusing more on life vs. training for competition, he has a fair number of skills already. We just started mat work for when I'm eating and we'll start puppy scent discrimination training tomorrow. There are so many things to teach! Some days I feel a little overwhelmed with it all. He learns so quickly and really wants to do the right thing. I've been teaching a few things different from in the past. For example, he found out that humans eat food, and right away, before I even sat down with my plate I knew it was going to be a problem. In the past I'd put him in a crate with a Kong, but this guy needs to learn additional impulse control, so I put a mat out next to me and dropped kibble as long as he was quiet and four on the floor. Tonight, as I was eating a big juicy steak, he not only stayed on his mat the whole time, silently, but sat. I expect he will lay down on his own soon as long as I am good with the location I drop the kibble.

      On Sunday, it was a beautiful 60-something with blue skies and a slight breeze. There had been a little rain the day before; just enough to make everything smell fresh and earthy. Because Presto goes and goes and goes, I knew he could handle an easy hike. We went to a secluded spot that was about 40-60 minutes each way with a lake at the end. It was shady and the ground soft with some fallen trees to go under or hop, some tree roots, a few rocks, etc., which is good for a puppy to navigate. We took our time and I stopped and sat down every 20 minutes and made Presto take a break, much to his dismay. So, it took us about 90 minutes each way. When we got to the lake Linus swam and then we all spent about an hour relaxing in the sun. Presto did great on the hike and had a great time!

      Well, it won't let me upload any files. Darn. I'll try again tomorrow.

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      Mr. P sounds like he's doing great and that he's going to be a wonderful dog!

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      Look forward to seeing photos!

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      Sounds like things are going really well. All the early training really pays off. Good job

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      Sounds like he’s doing awesome!! Congrats!

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