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      Presto is 19 weeks old!

      Presto turned 19 weeks late last week. His fangs have yet to come out, much to the dismay of the older boys. Not sure of his weight, but he is growing slowly and is starting to look like a little dog. I don't think I've had a puppy grow without being super awkward. Occasionally he'll trip, but overall, he's very coordinated. He's a real sweetie but can be a little devil, too. I made the mistake of having him on my lap on the sofa playing peek a boo with a blanket...a really bad idea! Ha! He continues to learn lots of new stuff and we start heeling lessons - because that's an exercise I have struggled with the most - with a new trainer I've only done seminars with. Because she is up in Canada, we'll do online lessons and then I'll do in person lessons when I can, the first one being next month, after Presto receives his rabies shot (can't get him across the border without it).

      A young woman that used to be in my agility class is a wonderful photographer and she set up a winter scene and had sittings over the weekend. I've never gotten professional photos of the dogs, and thought it would be a nice thing to do, especially while Presto is a puppy. It was exhausting! We shot each dog separately, starting with Presto. He stole the "snow", knocked things over and had a ball! He's such a little spazz, getting him to sit still for more than a few seconds is a challenge. He has a good "wait", but we haven't worked much on his stays. Sam was pretty good for his sitting. A little rusty. And, Linus, of course, was perfect. He ran into the barn, jumped on the chaise and posed. Took us like five minutes to get all of his solo pics. Then the fun really started when we had to pose all three dogs. Oh boy! I'll share their photos when I get them in a couple weeks. I can't wait!

      After the photo session, we went to a local lake. I thought it would be worth it (hard to get to, a fee to pay) to check it out as maybe an off-season option for playing and swimming. There was a big empty beach, but once I walked onto it, realized the water was low (there is a dam), and it was soggy, red clay mud, that is technically the lake bottom. There was like a foot of pumice at the bank but it was also slick. The dogs loved it! But it was awful for me and the four of us were covered in red clay mud. Ugh.

      Here are some pics from our little adventure. Presto's second time retrieving in water and he's a little fireball! I think he's going to be a dock-diver. He has his swim assessment at the local indoor dock-diving pool where I take the boys a few times a year to swim when the weather is really bad. We don't do public rec swimming, I do private swims in the pool for them. My other two don't dock-dive, but if Presto likes it, I can go to practices where he can dive and swim and get even more exercise in the winter.





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      He is getting big. It almost looks like he took two steps to get to his retrieve

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      Look at him go!

      He's doing great! Very cute puppy!

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      He looks like he loves the water! Lido's still just wading in, lol!

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