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    Thread: Meet JACKSON

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      Meet JACKSON

      Aye Mates,

      Nothing quite like the hopes we hold for a new puppy, nor o' the trust these wee creatures place in us.

      Meet JACKSON, a nearly 3 month old British Labrador Retriever puppy out of Double TT British Kennels in Sylvia, Kansas. JACKSON arrived home with his new owners Al and Deb in early December and I just started training with Al, Deb, and JACKSON this morning.

      All o' the work being conducted now is simple, motivational, and aimed at setting JACKSON up for success as he will continue moving toward more and more complex training concepts. In essence, JACKSON is learning how to learn and I am making certain that he loves every moment whilst keeping him highly motivated. JACKSON will be a highly focused trainee by the time better training weather arrives in the spring. In the meantime, JACKSON will be training both indoors and outside as well given suitable conditions for a young pup.

      Great bloodlines, competent training, and a supportive home environment, JACKSON will thrive as he continues his journey toward becoming a great K9 companion dog.

      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸

      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dw04h-gns5obk4379veczg_thumb_50bb_fotor-jpg  

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      Ooh...he's a real cutie. (not your main concern, I know, but still...) It sounds like there's a lot of potential housed in that sweet little pooch.

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      Jackson is adorable. Another pup being set up for success.

      Show everyone what you can do Jackson!

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      Thus pic is definitely not helping the case of puppy fever I've been fighting lately! There were two 12 week old yellow pups at my group field training this past Thursday and it was killing me! I know I still have too much work to do and things I want to accomplish with Brooks the next couple of years so I MUST RESIST!!!!!

      Somehow, somewhere I still think there may be a nice black boy in my future!

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      Sweet puppy...all the best with him!

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