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      Presto is almost 7 months old!

      I don't remember my last post. Time is flying by! Presto is doing great. He's super with the other dogs, loves the cat (maybe too much?), potty training seems like it has really stuck (three accidents in total, last one at 12 weeks), crating is still great, he's not super destructive (at least, not inside), no barking. He's truly an easy pup to live with in many ways. He's busy. Like, all the time. Lots of movement. Then crash. Curious. Wants to be involved in everything. His new thing is counter surfing, which is not surprising since he's a "paws up" kind of puppy and has been since day one. He knocked some eggs off the counter last week! They did not splatter, so no reward, and I was right there and so he knew it was not a positive thing. Hopefully it made an impression. We'll see... My friends and my obedience trainer call him Dennis the Menace.

      Recently he experienced his first snow - I had to take them to the mountain since I've lost hope that snow will come here this winter. I mean, my spring bulbs have been poking out of the ground since before Christmas! So, that was a lot of fun! Though, he does like water better.

      We have so many things to train, it's overwhelming! He has a lot of good foundations. His pivot platform fronts are beautiful! So, what I've decided to do is work on things simultaneously, of course, but with a focus on one thing at a time. So, if I am feeling tired, overwhelmed, don't have a ton of time, etc. I can at least focus on one thing to train so I'm always moving forward. And, when I train, each piece of the session is literally 1-2 minutes (I set a timer), then play between each piece. Right now it's take/hold. He's working on his hold with the dumb bell (obedience) and doing well. I'm purely shaping it and he's gone from "I don't care about that stupid thing" to "OMG I MUST HAVE THAT THING!!!" within literally minutes. I cannot keep the dumb bell on the counter because he will counter surf for it. Once he has a solid take/hold on the dumb bell, making sure his hold is solid, no chomping, mouthing, etc., which I do with a chin rest, then I'll generalize it to other things - wood spoons, metal ladles, toys, chopsticks, bumpers, dokkens, shoes, bowls, sticks, etc. - and then get harder and harder until he has a solid hold with a hot dog, a raw chicken breast, etc. before I start him on birds.

      Waiting for the ball.

      Hey, where did that snowball go?

      On a hike.

      Nice recall yellow boys!

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      It's amazing how fast they grow!

      Very pretty boy!

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      Great pictures, Presto is turning into a very handsome young man!

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      All nice photos but I LOVE that first snow one.

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