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    Thread: The Shell Game

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      The Shell Game

      Aye Mates,

      (Top left photo)

      TTF JACKSON LAD O' CLOONFINISH ~ call name "JACKSON" is a gun dog trainee at a wee bit o'er 3 months old. I have been working with this wonderful pup for just o'er a month now and he is coming along nicely. All training is kept simple but motivational and in step with JACKSON'S developmental abilities. Here, JACKSON is seen hunting for high value treats tossed into low woodland cover. This exercise gets the pup learning to use his nose and to work the wind. JACKSON loves this game and he has become very confident in scouring the woodlands in search of his reward.

      (Top right photo)

      THE SHELL GAME ~ Young gun dog trainee "JACKSON" was introduced to shell type Canada Goose field decoys during this morning's training session. All new to the pup, he was initially tentative upon seeing the new entities in the training yard. JACKSON warmed up to the big birds quickly whence heeled on a British slip lead through a maze of decoys. Rewarded with edibles for proper execution of basic obedience drills through and over the decoys, JACKSON quickly determined the decoys posed no threat and that being amongst them was a rewarding place to be.

      (Bottom photo)

      RUNNING THE GAUNTLET ~ JACKSON is seen on the return of the retrieve of a freshly frozen pheasant wing. Decoys are strategically placed to encourage the pup to run straight out from the PLACE platform to a tossed pheasant wing and straight back to the platform with the wing upon recall. The initial shaping of JACKSON'S return behavior with the wing was encouraged whilst he was worked on a long check cord. The behavior of return established, JACKSON was sent after the tossed wing, but only after being delayed before the send by the use of the yellow training tab attached to his collar. JACKSON'S recall was determined to be quite reliable prior to running him in this drill.

      This drill aids in encouraging the trainee to begin understanding the requirement of remaining steady until sent, to take a straight line out to the "bird wing" upon being sent, and to come straight back upon being recalled. The presence of the decoys aid in teaching the pup that the big birds are just hunting tools to be ignored.

      JACKSON loves this game / drill and it encourages strong bird drive and love for the work that will be a way of life for JACKSON going forward. This drill stimulates a young pup both physically and intellectually whilst training in and establishing early the very basic mechanics of the retrieve.

      JACKSON went three for three on these retrieves, a highly successful session that was ended with the pup dying for more and praised for a job well done. Kept light, fun, and designed to ensure the pup's success, this drill is a winner for young gun dog pup trainees.

      Prior to utilizing this drill, I prioritize the pup has a solid understanding of the command "PLACE" and reliably understands that the PLACE platform is the starting and ending point for retrieve related work. Additionally, I want the pup to be recalling to both the "HERE" command and to three peeps o' the whistle. T'is always much easier to establish the behaviors ye desire by setting up the pup for success through carefully planned and executed drills. TRAIN FOR SUCCESS !

      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -0ugezq42q-csbbef3abbzg_thumb_555d_fotor-jpg   -2kav6oytsrwifvj88yq7sq_thumb_5580_fotor-jpg   -dyjqiyg6r4qfbwuazp-n1g_thumb_5568_fotor-jpg  
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      Beautiful pup! He is going to do fabulous under your tutelage.

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