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      Stormy’s “Leave it.”

      On another thread, I mentioned Stormy loves human food and asks for it, but if I tell her leave it, she will. Her “ leave it,” I shared, is good enough that I can hold the plate over her head and eat it. I was asked for photographic proof, lol.

      And so I present me eating Chipotle, over Stormy’s head (apologies for the upside down!):

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      I need to show this picture to Diggity. No way would he just lie there with food inches away! He’d be sitting at full attention, tail swooshing back and forth on the floor, with his eyes alertly focusing between me and the food.

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      I don't know what Henry would do. Lark might leave it but I'd have a lap full of drool.

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      That's pretty good for a 5 month old puppy!

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      We started distraction training at 6 months. The test was cookies on the floor, toys on the floor and the trainer and her assistant were playing with squeaking toys . Needless to say Gigi flunked it on day 1, strangely it was in a group setting and the toy dog the size of a lab confused her the most . She did pass it on Day 6 of the training . Especially she had to do a down stay and then do a call to me walking through all his and other down stay dogs.

      Its a good skill to master as during my walks i have had her drop all sort of crazy stuff. Especially when people throw needles, old meds, food , road kill and a porcupine

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