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      How much sleep for a 4-month old pup?

      Whew. I feel like I'm going to wear out the Puppy Training board - I have so many questions! LoL

      Just wondering approximately how much sleep a 4-month old lab should be getting each day? Lucy gets about 8-9 hours of straight sleep every night. I'm just worried that she's not getting enough - or too much - nap time during the day?

      Thanks in advance everyone!

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      May 2014
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      Every puppy is different. Some will self settle and sleep as much as they need. Others, like my 8 month old Brooks, need to be given the "time outs" to sleep. They generally get overtired and turn into complete jerks, that's when i know they need to hit the crate and take a nap.

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      Bear is the same as Brooks. He turns into a jerk and gets time outs for sleep. Puppies grow when they sleep. Let her sleep as much as she wants to or needs to.

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      At 4 months they do need a lot of sleep. You can generally tell when they need a nap, they become super annoying and naughty

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      I preemptively put them down for naps, before they get cranky, naughty and over stimulated. They kind of cycle between eating, playing, eliminating, and needing rest. You will notice if you crate them, they will fall right asleep, they may fight it a little of they aren't t totally crate trained, but will appreciate the down time. They should be sleeping a lot as growing puppies, don't be afraid to crate her. :-)

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