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      Quote Originally Posted by annkie View Post
      So my method may not be the most "positive" but it was extremely effective. My chocolate lab was super duper stubborn. Super alpha. I don't remember when I did this, perhaps also around 5ish months maybe. So, dogs jaws are actually designed to bite down and not open up. Their strength is when they bite down. They have little strength to actually open their mouth. I put my fingers around his mouth LIGHTLY and said "no biting" until he stopped fighting. Then let go. I did this every time he tried to mouth my hands. It took a couple times until he got the "no biting" command. It doesn't hurt them. They're just not fans of not being able to open their mouth. You don't press their mouth closed. You just operate as a muzzle with your hand/fingers and say "no biting". That's it. That's how he stopped. And if he got overly exciting as he got older and was mouthy with a new person all I had to do was say "no biting" and he stopped immediately.
      this has always worked for us......we don't make it a big deal one way or the other. just a training tool. it doesn't hurt them and calms them down very quickly. it was a bit tougher with hte bulldog though.....not much to hole there !! new lab pup coming in a few weeks, so all this reading is good for me. puppy classes are 2 hours away. not an option in the winter time for sure. so please...everyone keep posting.

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      I feel for you. When Remy was a pup I looked like a heroin addict, seriously! I was so embarrassed I refused to wear short sleeves out in public! Anyway, my question is are you the alpha in your home? I wasn't, until my husband left for a hunting trip... Then I was the alpha and I was in charge of all the feedings and such and some how it all sorted itself out. Not sure if that is helpful... I will say, this too will pass and after we had it all sorted out it never happened again.

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      I suspect that every dog is different to some extent. Our Zo was pretty challenging for the first eight months or so and would test us periodically and unexpectedly for the next couple of years. I remember picking her up and carrying her to her crate when she was about a year and a half when she snapped at me and wouldn't go for a time out and thinking, you've got to be kidding me. She's a Rott/Aussie mix and extremely dominant. We did classes and saw a behaviorist but sometimes it just takes time and consistency to get them past it to the point that they finally recognize you as being the leader in the household and just cut it out. She's nine now and you would never know that she was so difficult. Her behavior is exceptional and everyone loves her. She's a teddy bear. Keep in mind that this is a dog who one vet once told us would have been put down if we hadn't taken her on. My advice would be to keep on it and you'll have a great dog in the end.

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      I think the best solution for your puppy's problem is to get your puppy in a good Obedience Class. Your puppy needs structure and some good training.

      I know you mentioned you don't have the funds for a training class/classes, but isn't this part of being a responsible pet owner?

      My intention is not to insult the OP, but perhaps potential pet owners should think about what a puppy's needs are BEFORE getting a puppy.

      Just my opinion.

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      Yet to get a feedback on the OP trying the suggestion I made.maybe the cost of 10 bucks kept them away.

      Unrelated a unknown lady with 2 German Shepard baby at her wits end at the dog park atleast tried and is very happy with the results.she is a young women who brought 2 Shepard puppy as a newbie... Nutz

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      Hey guys!

      Sorry for the post and then disappear! I read your posts and definitely took them all into consideration. My original post was at a peak moment in frustration but I am SO happy to provide the following update. Hopefully it will help any others going through an extreme biting phase like I was, along with all of your wonderful suggestions!

      Shortly after my "I'm at my wit's end" rant, we tried the following things with Lucy:
      - play dates with a puppy her age
      - integrated her with our older dogs (even the cranky one!)
      - she was spayed
      - we didn't really "do" this, but she lost all her baby teeth and grew a nice new set of adult chompers

      I don't know if it was a combination of the above, or if only one of the above -- but something WORKED! My little girl is the sweetest, most precious angel now. I am so happy to report that the biting has stopped almost completely. What we get now are over-excited little nips if she wants attention, or she's gungho playing, and a quick "Leave it" usually suffices. If not, we leave the room and it's over. These rare occurrences happen maybe once a week, if that.

      I'd like to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your support and advice! We've raised many puppies, but this was the most extreme case of mouthing we've ever experienced. I'm just so happy, beyond ecstatic, to have Lucy in my life.

      And for anyone reading this post who was going through the same thing I was, at the end of the day just breathe and say "This too shall pass".

      Much love all!

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      What a lovely update! I remember the first moment where Thor went from labrashark to sweet. It was right around 6 months old and he came at me with his standard lab puppy crazy face but settled in for a cuddle instead of a chew. When you realize that all the hard work has paid off and you have the dog you always wanted - it's fantastic. The crazies can always come out, but now they are hilarious anomalies rather than behavior issues we have to deal with daily. Wishing you the best of continued training and luck!

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      Thanks for sticking with it! And for tolerating some of the more 'cranky' posts. We're a big tent!!!!!

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      As everyone has heard me say, my Libby was a LANDSHARK to the MAX. It was horrible ! She is now 9 months old, still has a bit of the biting going on but the spells are much, much shorter. I think she only does it now to mess with me. Using a sit-stay usually does the trick and snaps her out of it in short order. 'No bite' does not work for her. She has turned into a beautiful dog and as she has calmed down ever so slightly, I am seeing some hope for the future!

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      Congratulations! I'm sure it was tough to not despair and to keep with it.

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