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      A pupdate on Nellie she is now 6 months and lean during the day. She has never learnt to bark to go out . I have however learnt to read her and recognise the ’look’ she still slips up occasionally at night. But she is improving all the time .Thanks for everyone’s tips /advice

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      Thank you for the pupdate. It's nice to know how things are going.

      LOL, my Jet did not learn to bark to go out till she was 9 years old. It took her another two years to figure out a woof at the back door worked when she wanted back in too. Oban figured it out much earlier but I don't know how many times I've said to him, outside, "Who do you think is going to let you in the house when you and I both are out here? You big silly." Yup, he barks at the door, looking at the house, when I'm out no where near the door, in the back somewhere.

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      I'm glad things have improved. None of our 7 various dogs over the years have ever barked to go outside. They might sit by the back door or come and stare at me, but that's about it. Maybe I let them out often enough that they weren't that desperate. Some people can get their dog to ring a bell hung from the door handle to signal they want to go outside. I started to have one of mine do that until I realized he was mostly ringing it to go outside to play, not because he had to pee. A few have barked to come inside. Lark is 5 years old and I think it's only been in the past 6 months that she's occasionally barked to come inside, including yesterday when it was 18 degrees outside.

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