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      Dog training thoughts

      Many times here I see puppy training being recommended to a newbie, although I agree this is s great idea it stops short of what to look for in a trainer.
      Do you know what qualifications are needed to become a dog trainer?
      That’s right, I could leave this computer now, hang a sign at the end of my drive and I “are one” too.
      No license, education, no agency oversee.
      So, where do you start?
      My experiences:
      Go slow on website references, these can and may be created by friends and family.
      If training is taking place in their front yard, get back in your car and leave.
      Look for a separate training facility, must be doing something right to pay for that.
      How many years in business?
      Someone mentioned attending a class first by yourself, great idea, you should be welcomed by the trainer,
      if not, keep looking.
      Perhaps others will share thoughts for you.
      Best of luck with your new pup.

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      How about looking for trainers in

      Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers or

      Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers This one is links to similar organizations in other countries.

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      Depends on the trainer. One of my favorites probably does a lot of obedience and agility type work in her own yard, however, she's a VERY accomplished trainer w/ multiple breeds (think chihuahua / min pin sized up thru Boviers etc) and in multiple venues. Has done a lot of work resolving biting issues and actually owns 2 of the "former" biters who were going to be PTS for just that. Also has worked w/ traditionally "nice" breeds like Goldens (one that had an aggressive streak if left to her own devices), Labs, Border Collies etc. Has finished OTCH (obed trial champions). Has done a number of "dog sports" (obed, tracking, agility, schutzhund, hunt tests, etc). To me, that's a well rounded trainer.

      So yes, anyone can call themselves dog trainers but it's up to the people to decide what their standards are. I always feel sorry for the typical pet owner when sifting thru all this.
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      The local trainer around here with space to train and the nicest signage is a total sh!t show.

      I do think that doing a thorough online search and asking around is valuable though because you're right, no oversight, no license, etc. Watching a class or two before committing is always good and being prepared to say "no" is also important, whether with a trainer or at a seminar.

      However, sometimes you just have to learn from experience and through involvement in the dog training community.

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