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      9 Week Old Lab Help

      Have a 9 week old lab that we got at 6 weeks. Healthy check-ups so far. Feeding puppy chow twice a day. The other day he threw all his food up 10 minutes after he ate. The rest of the day I just gave him a little bit of food here and there until his night feeding. Most of the day he just laid around and was not himself. He acts much better today and normal, however he's just started barking for no reason and a little growling. He bites non-stop but i know that's to be expected. Does this sound normal?

      He is crate trained and is in there during the day for 2-3 hour stretches and then out for 30 min to an hour.

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      sounds normal yes. you got him pretty young (generally illegal to sell them below 8 weeks for their own benefit) so he's probably just coming out of his shell now assuming he is healthy. Can you describe what was going on just before he started barking or growling?

      how long ago was the vet check?

      Ensure to work on safe socialisation asap since he already lost out of extra time learning from his litter. Find well balanced dogs that are healthy and up to date on their shots for some short meetings. meet new people. new textures, sights and sounds. A lot can be done safely.

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      Sometimes they can be a little out of sorts if they happened to get vaccinations too.

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      In addition to the above, regarding throwing up after eating....

      Don't let him play/exercise right before/after eating. I avoided it for an hour after and...if I recall correctly....a half hour before. An excited stomach tends to get rid of food. (and when they're older, it can encourage bloat).
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      Barb (ID formerly "Baffle")

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      Feed in crate and lock it for 30 minutes so he eats and chills a bit.

      Biting is normal for his age. I have posted about lavender oil and Vicks. Buy them and when it's hard a little oil or Vicks in your hand saves it.

      Give him toys to chew and start training . I started at 12 weeks and always felt I should at 8 weeks.

      Enjoy as bad days are soon forgotten.

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