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I'm sure it is huge fun. I did it for about a week... my dog's nose is like radar. She's awesome but she'd learned to use it since puppy-hood with birds.

I had to stop the fun and games however because in nosework, they are to lead you on a long lead. "LEAD" to Ram Jet Rocket Dog meant racing to the source of scent as fast as she could go dragging me along. This was counter-productive for our main goal which is STEADINESS at Hunt Tests.

But I gotta tell you, we did it long enough to know it would be a hoot!
LOL ... I think that might be Chloe’s retirement sport as I think she would love it too! First I need to get the youngsters going with their Obedience careers though. Our training center offers nose work classes so that will be an option for Chloe now that she finished her Obedience Trial Championship.