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      The softer side of Stormy

      Since I've been complaining about Stormy, I thought I should also share her successes. Yesterday, DH was cleaning out the garage and came across the agility tunnels. On a whim he put them out in the backyard and got me and Stormy. She seemed intrigued. He threw a few pieces of kibble into the short tunnel, called her from the other end, and through she went. After half a dozen times with treats being thrown in, she was running through both the short and long tunnels like a champ. Within 10 minutes, I could daisy chain together some cones with the tunnels and have her follow my directions through the obstacles. She just lit up with excitement. I emailed the agility instructor I used with Kimber and she gave me a few other puppy-friendly, non-jumping agility exercises to do with her. I'm looking forward to working with her in this area!
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      Sounds so cute! Our obedience class had us try a long tunnel last week. All 6 dogs went through with no problems, even the St Bernard mix who really had to hunker down. Henry enjoyed it so much, even on his first try, he ran through to me, turned right around and ran back to the instructor then turned and ran right back to me! If you find out some additional no-jump activities, let us know! I never tried them when Lark was young because she was limping on one elbow. So far Henry is raring to try anything!

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      Sounds like Henry's a born tunneler! The instructor suggested doing figure 8s with the cones, the hoops and tables (both set at ground level, the table being just a set of PVC pipe in a square), and to begin working on front paw targeting.

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      That's great! We did some beginning agility exposure during Lido's last class. He was not a fan of the long tunnel, but he did finally go through with luring. He was more compliant after that. He absolutely LOVED the tables and tepee. He would lie down on the tables and wait when commanded (treats helped, lol!). I made sure he touched all the colors on the tepee, so no jumping up to the top or off to the bottom. The weaving poles were challenging for him - the constant changing of direction was tough for his puppy self, but he did it when I made him go slowly.

      I don't think Lido's future is in agility, but he had fun with it. I really think he'd do well in nose work. Not sure if anyone in my area (except the police/sheriffs) trains for that. I need to investigate it further.

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      Sounds like Stormy is a natural!

      I'd love to try agility, but my ability to run, or even move much above a walking pace is ruling it out.

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      Sounds like a blast!! Does it tire her out?

      I really want to give agility a try with Diggity. Thinking of finding a foundations class sometime this summer.

      This is Diggity’s uncle doing some great stuff at an agility trial recently. He has some big paws to fill if I do end up giving agility a try!!


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      Fun! Agility is a blast!

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