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      Excitability: Training Regression

      Of late, my Murphey who is now 7 months old has become a chomping/jumping monster when I return home after being away from him especially for long periods of time. As soon as I pull in the driveway he is at the backdoor jumping up looking out window barking and whining in an anxious type "my mommy is home" way. When I pull into garage and he can see me through the door window he begins hopping on his back legs becoming more excited.. Upon opening the door even loudly and firmly using his off and sit commands he is jumping all over me and the teeth are back in full force grabbing and biting because he is so excited to see me! AAAAGGGGHHHH! I miss him too, and yes it makes me feel good to be so missed and have someone so excited to see me, however; it hurts!!! I should also let you know that he is home with my older lab and typically my father is there with the dogs so it is not as if he has been caged for an entire day! This behavior is typical when I am parted from him for some time.. i.e. even when in his cage when I am away from home and he knows this he is acting like this when I get home to uncage and immediately go out to potty.. he sleeps in his cage at night in same room with me and each morning when uncaged he is perfectly fine and walks calmly out to do his business... how do you make a pup not miss you so much and prevent injury and wicked bruises????

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      I would completely ignore him for at least 5-10 minutes when first walking in the house. Don't make eye contact, don't tell him "off" or "sit", just push past him and do not acknowledge him in any way until he is calm. It may take a few weeks, but if you're consistent he'll get the message that play happens when you are ready, not when he is ready.

      My girl Sophie is now 2 1/2 and I still do this when I get home, although it's only for a couple minutes now while I put my stuff away, change clothes, etc. She just lays there quietly waiting for me to let her out of the crate. I started this from day 1 with her, and have not had any issues. Even the days my DW works from home and Sophie isn't crated, I still ignore her when I come in, same as if she were in the crate.

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      I laughed inside when I read this because my wife loves the attention when she gets home from work. since I am home all day with chili, many times chili doesnt even realize she came in the door, so now she says "im home" when she walks in and I have to say "who's that" to chili to get him to go greet her

      anyways, I think Barry had some great advice above.
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      What kind of exercise is he getting during the day? What kind of training does your Dad do with him to help prevent the behavior in the first place or is he is allowing him to get that excited?

      I also agree with ignoring him when you get home but also have your Dad help you out, have him put a leash on him before you arrive home so he can control the excitement. The more he is allowed to reach that level of excitement, the worse this will get

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