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      May 2014
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      Pearl is being crate trained!

      We have 8 week old Pearl!!! Its been 4 days we started out with a travel crate (its what was in the litters' pen) and just moved it from bedroom to kitchen. Okay so- first day we had it open in the kitchen- tossed her bully stick in but she would just go get it and munch outside the crate. I know I know special treats for crate but it was her first day. so that night we moved it next to me in the bedroom. It went better than I thought- a 2 minute whimper/bark session then she lied down and slept, a tiny bit of whimpering (kills me!) and did it once or twice more but that it. second night- the same, even a little better. last night- great! we do still go out at 1 or 2 a.m. to pee which is going well- she does want to play roll tumble before going to pee but I just have to be patient etc. maybe I should talk to her less then?

      The hard part is- and it isn't that hard- day time in the kitchen. Takes her a little while to settle down...she prefers to crash right by me/dh and we let her for the most part but we want her to get used to the day crate as we work (this week someone will be here with her always as we'll take turns). so I today I got the small wire crate out and she seems better with that but still wants me near by. She can see me - I make sure. the first two days I sat by her and we only did one sleep session in it; today I want to try two sessions and I did not sit beside her at all this first session (she can still see me tho). she is asleep after 10 minutes so that's good! I think my worries are me- I want to soothe her when she whimpers and talk to her when she barks and I know better but I do it a little bit anyway! I think she is going to be easy to do this crate training thing with if I can just ignore her and do it right.....

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      I would feed her in teh crate and give her somethign to do when ou crate her durign the day. so a kong stuffed with her food to work on. Personally I think it will be much harder for her to be crated in the kitchen with you in the house, she knows you are there. When you are gone it's not usually as big a deal.

      I would start with shorter periods of time fo now. Randomly throw treats for her to find (don't close the door). Feed her in there. Put her in for short periods with a stuffed kong (this can be a meal).

      How logn will she be crated when you go back to work?

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      May 2014
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      I can't say for crating during the day, but covering the crate at night time worked great for us - i just pull a sheet over it so my pup can't see us moving about. We have done this since we got him and he hasn't barked or whimpered being alone - he just goes straight to sleep. Only recently has my pup started going in voluntarily (7 months) for naps etc while we are pottering around the house - don't rush it - it'll happen

      When you're out, I agree with the kong - give her a great toy (one that won't break when you're not there) to keep her occupied - she'll get the routine soon enough and know that its time to have a relax while you're at work

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      May 2014
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      We also draped a sheet over the crate that went part way down the sides. Since the weather has warmed up here we now have only the top partially covered. Did this both at night and during the day for about 6 weeks. Now we just use crate at night - with a sheet. Still have to entice with a treat however to get him into it. Once in there he will settle right down and usually is asleep within 5 minutes.

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      Hang in there! Got to be tough and ignore her. Lilly would whimper when in the crate at first, but now knows once she's in, she's in. Had to force her to relax as she doesn't know how to. But she's learning.


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