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      House Broken
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      May 2014
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      Puppy tearing at carpet

      Have had our puppy for 3 days now and she has started pulling on carpet. How do we break her of that? I have tapped her on snout and saying no but she goes right back to doing it.

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      Best Friend Retriever
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      May 2014
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      Redirect and put something on top of the spot she tearing up. Emma had 2 spots that she liked. and I put a lamp and a fan over them both and she didn't care about any other stuff.

      Could she be bored? try to find whats causing her to want to tear it up. Are you home, is she in a room by herself, are you distracted doing something else? etc...

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      Best way I found is correct her when chewing on the carpet or anything else, is say "off" or "leave it" , but then give her a toy. Definitely will have to do this a gazillion times, but she will get the point that the toy is to chew on, the carpet is to roll around on, as Lilly has gotten to know the carpet. Do you crate train? I know when Lilly decides to have "selective hearing" or finds this a game, she finds herself in "time out" in her crate. Once she's out, she usually will not go back to the destructive behavior. But if she does, back in she goes.


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