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      Sooooo....Ellie peed on one of our beds today. What is that?

      Greetings, everyone! The Belly Monster is now 6 1/2 months and, generally speaking, doing well. She's still very strong willed, partially deaf to recall, and has suddenly discovered her bark (and isn't afraid to use it!), but over all she's growing up nicely. She hasn't had an "accident" in the house in about three months, cries at the door when she needs to go out, and if the backdoor is open, will take herself out to pee.

      Well, reset the clock. Today we went for a nice long walk and when we returned she drank a 1/2 bowl of water and settled down for her post-exercise puppy nap. When she got up, I brought her downstairs to go out to pee, but instead of going out the door, she just lay down on the cool basement floor (it's pretty warm here in Cali). The door was open and she knows where to go, so I went into the guestroom to fold laundry. A couple of minutes later she came into the room and for the first time, got right up onto the guest bed. I was about to shoo her off when she started digging at the bedding, which is what she does when she's about to settle in to sleep. Then, right before my very eyes, she squatted and peed ON THE BED. I said "NO!" very loudly and picked her up (not an easy task now that she is 45 pounds) to bring her outside. She peed the whole way out of the room, down the hall, and out the door. Then she trotted outside, peed again, and came back inside. Happy as can be. Lalalala! That was five hours ago and she hasn't had any other issues with urinating (so I don't think it's a UTI).

      She's permitted on our bed with us at night when we're reading and she has one couch in the house that is ok for her to get up on. She has never peed on either (though she will dig when she's ready to lie down). I've never seen her try to get up on the guest bed before, but we're not in that room very often. Does anyone have any idea what that was?!? Should I now be prepared for her to start peeing on the furniture? Is there any way this is related to coming into heat (she is still very young for her first heat cycle). OK, I should add that when we go to a new place, if I don't show here where the door is or where it's ok to pee, she will pee/poop inside (something I think she got used to doing at puppy socials), but she hasn't had an accident in our house since early December. Ellie is sometimes such an odd little duck.

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      It happened once with Linus. He was a pup around the same age, was on the bed playing, then "oh no!".

      Sometimes when there are time shifts and shifts in the weather they have accidents. My dogs have to go out a lot more when the weather gets warm as their bodies get used to taking in more water. I would not be concerned, just keep an eye on her.

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      I think she really did have to go and needed a prompt from you, like going outside with her. Like all kids, they don't like to stop the fun to go pee and need a reminder.

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