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      Kongs for puppies

      Hi everyone! My pup isn't that interested in kongs. He licks the peanut butter off for a few minutes but doesn't try to get any of the treats out. I've tried frozen and unfrozen. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what size of kong a puppy should have and how to teach them to use them.

      Thank you!

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      He will figure it out! It just takes time. I start with the puppy kongs when they are really little. They are softer and come in pink and blue kinda tye-dyed. I start out unfrozen and use kibble inside. Depending on the pup, I might add kibble with some wet foot or greek yogurt (it's thicker so better for this purpose) at the open end. And, I might add kibble then wet food and freeze. I then graduate to the red ones for quite a while and have several on rotation -- by about three months they are ready to move up, I find. By this time, freezing makes them last because the pup has really figured it out. I feed raw so I can stuff it with ground meat or meat chunks or whatever. I also have a couple black kongs that are really hard for when they get to be older and in the event of being crated for an injury or something. You can practically put a full adult meal in those, so I don't use them much, but they are good to have around.

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