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      May 2014
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      A social outing with Sophie tomorrow!

      Hello, after taking Sophie to the vet to trim her nails... and after witnessing the exuberant joy in greeting the vet tech... 70 lbs of 6 month old labbie love hurling herself towards her, it was time to call again, our trainer. We are going to a open air dog market sponsored by a great upscale pet store so Sophie can learn to meet and greet people without the ballistic expression of joy and happiness. I do not want her to knock children, adults, and the elderly down. She is a powerhouse. They muzzled her because she is also mouthy.. but not much... and she settled down fast and gave her paws to have her nails trimmed. Once she was done and since the lobby was empty, the vet tech let her run to us. It was like she had not seen us in 5 years. O.. the love...
      Wish us luck tomorrow.. will give a report and hopefully some pictures.

      Sophie's mom

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      Wishing you and Sophie Luck! Can't wait to hear the report. And definitely see pics.

      Sophie, you got a great Mom. She's only wants to help you meet all those people you so want to enjoy meeting. They would be missing out on a lot, not to meet a sweet girl like you.

      Think you both will do just fine.


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      House Broken
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      Good luck! I am sure she will have a blast and you will be exhausted! We are taking 60 lbs of exuberant, full of love for everyone, 7.5 month old Maggie to a large fundraiser/ dog walk for a local shelter tomorrow. We are also taking a three year old child, so it is really a toss up between the two for who will be more excited and nutty. We took them both to a very lively and loud parade last weekend and Maggie was actually very well behaved, I was impressed !

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      ZRabbits (05-31-2014)

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      Hard work for both of you but well worth it. Archie went to a pet expo today and he floored me at how good he was. There were so many dogs around, excited kids. Think he finally got comfortable enough with everything cause he laid down on his own while I was talking with another owner.

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      ZRabbits (06-01-2014)

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      Best wishes Sophie!!!!!! Be a good girl!!!

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