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    Thread: Puppy biting!

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      May 2014
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      I think I'm going to need this sticky in about 5 weeks. Thanks for the info!

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      Jun 2014
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      This is great information. Tucker is 9 1/2 weeks and starting to bite alot!

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      Jun 2014
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      Great tips. I wish I would have had them when Sadie was a puppy. I am sure I did everything wrong, but she did eventually understand the "no bite" command. We started her in obedience class at 4 months and it was a godsend.

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      May 2014
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      Identify why the pup is biting/mouthing. Is it because they are uncomfortable from teeth coming in/baby teeth coming out? If so, give them things to chew. I like to freeze wet, worn out washcloths. I only give pups a washcloth if I am supervising.

      Or is it excess energy? Distract before the pup gets wild and biting. If you really watch your pups you will start to see the body language change. This is when you should take action.

      Take them out to play fetch, do some basic obedience commands. Turn that excess energy into something positive.

      Lots of calm praise when they are being good, no teeth.

      If the pup is over stimulated then crate them for a nap. Keep to a schedule. It does really help and then you can begin to identify when the puppy shark comes out so you can make sure to do something different at that time.

      If you have little kids then keep the pup tethered to you and make sure the pup does not bite the kids. Nothing sadder than when kids are afraid of their own pup. Get the kids involved in training. Let them give a treat, say a command, etc.

      Get the pup into puppy kindergarten. Lots of socialization, they learn some self control and it is fun for them and you.

      Remember that they are puppies and grow fast so enjoy this time. If you are consistent and fair it should be a short lived time of teething on people.

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      Great info. My 6 month old is returning to the nipping phase just to test the boundries we set earlier. He bites for attention so we tell him "no bite" then ignore him until he calms and sits for attention.

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      May 2014
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      Hadn't heard this one before but my trainer said to wet a paper towel with vinegar and put it to the pups mouth when she bites. I tried it today and it seems to be working although I smell like a pickle! I'd rather smell than be bit though.

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