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    Thread: Puppy Prep

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      May 2014
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      Puppy Prep

      Hi y'all

      We're expecting our pup in about three weeks (she will be 8 weeks old) and trying to get prepared. I'm reading all I can about the transition and puppy training and would appreciate hearing the collective wisdom of the forum on what to do by way of puppy proofing, gear to get and anything else that might help us anticipate our girl's needs.

      Crates, beds, leashes, collars, bowls, gates, toys...what are the essential items? What things to hold-off on? All suggestions for specific brands, sizes and types for what I'll need the day we bring her home would be greatly appreciated.


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      May 2014
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      Welcome and congrats on your new puppy!

      First I would start researching trainers in your area for a good Puppy Socialization class. Then talk to your breeder about things he/she recommends specific to her puppies.

      Here is a list of items:


      In no particular order:

      -Crate (typically a Large 42 inch size for a labrador - get one with a divider)
      -Nature's Miracle
      -Baby Kong, then graduate to the large black Kong
      -Chew things
      -Poop bags for while you are out
      -Pooper scooper for while you are at home
      -Bowls for food and water (stainless steel or ceramic)
      -Food (stick to what your breeder is feeding at least until adult teeth come in)
      -An air tight container for storing kibble (keep your bags in case of recalls)
      -Some type of bed or crate mat to introduce once you feel your puppy is safe to not chew or urinate on it
      -Towels for clean up
      -A lix it water dispenser for the crate
      -Baby gates and/or an ex pen
      -Nail clippers and/or dremel
      -Ear wash and eye wash if needed
      -Zoom Groom and brushes
      -Training treats
      -A blanket or toy to leave with your breeder to bring home later
      -A blanket or mat to teach a spot to settle or wait
      -Books about preparing for and training your puppy,
      I like Ian Dunbar's After You Get Your Puppy, he also has a website
      I know there are several others people can chime in with...

      -Be sure to schedule an appointment with your vet right away to establish a relationship and do a wellness check
      -Do some research to find a good puppy socialization class to get enrolled in
      -Make sure you budget and prepare financially for your pup and these items, and don't forget about vet visits, vaccinations, flea/tick and heartworm meds, spay/neuter and unforeseen accidents or health issues
      -Consider enrolling your puppy in some type of pet insurance
      -Remember to microchip your pup and if applicable, register your puppy with the AKC if your breeder does not do these things for you

      -Puppy proof your house by picking up and putting away anything valuable to you, any chemicals and household cleaners, poisonous plants or other hazards
      -Learn how to properly housetrain, potty train, crate train and socialize your puppy so you are ready to do these things once you bring puppy home

      -A sense of humor
      Charlie and Burton

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      I think charliebbarkin covered it! To extend on the crate bedding, none of my dogs were able to have bedding until around a year or so because they chewed it, except one dog, but he was the exception to the rule in most things.

      Also, get your puppy to puppy class (Puppy STAR, for example) as close to 10 weeks as possible. Sometimes there's a waiting list, so don't wait until you get the puppy home.


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      Psyops's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Awesome, thanks for the replies! Kudos, charliebarkin, that is a VERY helpful list. We've got referrals for a vet in our area, and there are puppy kindergarten classes through our local rescue and Petsmart. I'm actively pursuing recommendations on trainers as well. I never would've thought to bring a blanket to the breeder but it makes complete sense. Also, good to know NOT to jump out and buy an expensive dog bed right off the bat. Our breeder is being super helpful too.

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      May 2014
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      Camera at the ready!! You can never take too many pictures of your puppy. You'll be amazed at how fast they grow up and change.

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      May 2014
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      That is an awesome and thorough list from Charliebbarkin! The only thing I would add is regarding puppy proofing. Get down on the floor, puppy level. Look around from that angle. Secure electrical cords, things on low shelves, small/bathroom trashcans, etc. Maxx was/is a toilet paper, tissue, paper towel lover/thief. He discovered toilet paper on the holders and had a party! I attempted to put the toilet paper back on the holders several times and that bugger found it in no time every time I tried. Finally just after his 2nd birthday I was able to put it back and he hasn't messed with it in almost a year. (I probably just jinxed myself, lol!)

      And congratulations on your new addition, a new puppy is a wonderful experience!
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      Maxx and Emma Jean

      Ozzy - 10/2002 - 06/2011 - Rest well my sweet boy. You are forever remembered, forever missed, forever in my heart.

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      May 2014
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      Hello and Welcome! Congratulations on the new pup.

      Charliebarkin covered it very well.

      Wanted to add to be ready for the best ride of your life.

      Be sure to post plenty of pictures.

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      May 2014
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      Buy the big container of Nature's Miracle, you'll need it! I love elk antlers for chewing. Don't forget bitter spray, and LIBERALLY spray all wires in your house, wooden furniture legs, etc. Wear gloves when you are spraying, and wash your hands like crazy after. If you even touch it after it's sprayed and then touch your mouth, you'll be sorry, it tastes AWFUL! I like Vittle Vault containers for food... they are indestructible. They have a screw-top closure so even the most intelligent puppy can't open them. Like everyone else said, take TONS of pictures!

      Oh, and stock up on sleep now... while you have the chance
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      Hi, Welcome to the Board. Congratulations on your new pup!

      Charliebbarken, awesome list. Good suggestions from other members too, so you have a good base to start preparing for pup.

      Definitely look into puppy classes. Your breeder could give you some good suggestions on where to start looking.

      Have Fun! And definitely take lots of pics.


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      May 2014
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      The only other thing I can add to the list is food for yourself. Something easy and quick. Your introducing something entirely new to your life. First couple weeks your not going to just be able to prep big meals or anything fancy. Your going to be cleaning up poop and pee and those cute little guys are fast and into everything. This can help give you some relief.

      I also recommend this playpen Amazon.com : Northstate Superyard Playgate Light Gray : Toddler Chairs : Baby

      Its indoor and outdoor, and light, you can just lift it up and let them out. Also you can shape it to any shape you need. I would go out and sit on the deck with my boy and grill, this let him play and be with me while I couldn't focus full attention on him. Same for in the house while I was eating. As he got older but still in the chewing stage, I took the different sections and blocked off things like the TV and so on.

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