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      15 week pup-date...

      Teagan is doing SO much better. The humping ONLY happens when she's been playing for a long time and is exhausted but wants one last play before a nap, and it ONLY happens with her big stuffed duck. We just call him her boyfriend We were also able to teach her the difference between appropriate and inappropriate play with our senior dog Dixie. You guys were so right, a few weeks went by and Dixie eventually started getting a little tougher every day and has finally set some real boundaries.

      As as far as the appetite for poop...we still struggle a little bit although she is well aware that this is NOT an appropriate behavior so really only slips up a few days a week. She doesn't want her own, only Dixies, and just so it's clear, I pick up ALL dog poop immediately. If Teagan wasn't being restricted she would honestly eat it before it even hit the ground (disgusting). The "slip up's" I'm referring to is going back to spots on the grass where there is some "residual" poo.....needless to say it's a work in progress.

      Since this post went way too long, I'll include some guilty pleasure pictures of her enjoying her first December

      Proud momma to

      Dixie- 12yrs
      Teagan- Born August 20th, 2015
      and our angel Sadie- Nov 2007- August 2015

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      Poop eating happens, unfortunately. My two puppies do it too. I can't always get all the poop up because they do it on the snow in areas I can't get to right now. I don't think any of the "remedies" actually help either.

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