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      House Broken
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      7 Month Old Activity Level???

      Max our Chocolate Lab will be 7 mo Saturday. Quick history. Max was given to us at 6 months old. He went Breeder, to Breeder (friend of mine) at 10 weeks or so. Then to a home at about 18 to 23 week time frame. Back to breeder then to us at 26 weeks. Max tends to be very people shy. Not aggressive but reclusive. That is slowly being worked on. Due to past 2 solid weeks of rain in SC, his walks to meet people have been limited. Puppy obedience classes start in 2 weeks. I have had Golden Retrievers my whole life. Including a brief foray into breeding. It has been 12 years since we have had a pup. My questions for y'all are as follows. (1.) How much sleep does a 7 month old Lab typically get in a 24 hour period? (2.) Max, when he wakes up at about 5 or 6AM and comes out of his crate, is wide open at 200 mph for about 2 to 3 hours then again about 8 or 9 at night he has a 1 hour full bore energy burst. Rest of the day is sleep outside of his crate with the occasional venture outside to relieve himself. Is this typical? He has gotten a clean bill of health from my vet and eats well 2 x a day. So ... his day looks like this.... 5 AM to 8 AM 200 mph ( fetch, walk, harassing our other dog) 8 AM to 5 PM sleep on my bed with occasional venture outside 5 PM to 8 or 9 PM dinner and move from bed to living room to lay around, 9 PM to 10 PM energy burst running around house and outside in yard, 11 PM in crate for the night ( first 3 weeks he was perfect in crate at night, last few nights he carries on and barks for about 20 minutes until he figures out I ignore him)

      Again he is my first lab. My Goldens seemed to have a bit more energy. If they were sleeping and I woke them up and threw a ball or grabbed a bone to play they were always ready and willing. Max only likes to play ball early in the morning. If you wake him up he just rolls over for a belly scratch then back to sleep.

      Does it all sound normal for a 7 month old lab?

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      Sounds normal, and some days will be busier than others. Mine get up around 4-5AM (I have a 6 month old lab and a 6 month old Griff). Sometimes they are crazy and sometimes they are lazy...until about 6:30 AM when I crate them to go to work. They get back out around 2PM and spend time running and wrestling in the yard. In the house, they run and fight and chew bones until about 7 or 8 when they get lazy again and lounge on the couch with me. They are both sleeping out of the crate most nights, unless they aren't sleepy (like sometimes at 2AM) and they start squeaking toys...then they get crated again until I have to get up.

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      He seems like a pretty low maintenance boy. He doesn't sound abnormal at all. I have noticed that they do go thru stages of rest and wild energy, sometimes more or less for either depending on the day. Also, when Maverick was about that age he got antsy in his crate very early in the morning. We actually stopped crating him for as long at night and that helped.

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      What you describe sounds a lot like Thor's first ~18 months. I noticed that he was either 100% on or 100% off. And we had the same 200% zoomies in the morning and the evening no matter what else happened during the day. As he approaches 2 years old it's evening out a bit - he's 'in between' a lot, if that makes sense. Not sleeping, not active - just wandering around, asking for attention, playing with a toy, etc. He doesn't crash as hard after a play or exercise session, and those sessions can be longer than they used to be because he's not going full-on puppy crazies. The zoomie sessions aren't as consistent either (they still happen, I just can't set my watch by them anymore). I think he's just outgrowing the puppy stage and settling into his adult life.
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      I've had both low and high energy...I much prefer the low!
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      Sounds healthy and normal for your dog. All dogs are a little different.

      Hoku gets up at about 6:30. She may wake up earlier, but she's not allowed out of her crate until about 6:15 at the earliest (or, sometimes, 7:00, if she's sleeping in). She gets breakfast, and probably a couple hours of play time, between inside and outside ball fun. Then she's in the car, and off to work.

      She sleeps / has walks / playtime during the work day. Afternoon longer walk or hike or high energy park time. Maybe outside crazy ball time for 20 minutes or so.

      Home. More napping, but also outside play time. Dinner.

      Napping / up / cuddle time until about 10:30 or so, when she goes outside for a final time, then up to bed.

      I think that if she were crated for much of the day, she might have more zoomies. But she has intermittent activity throughout the day. Maybe that has an effect? I have no idea.

      Anyway, your boy sounds pretty typical.

      edited: to be fair, I can think of once or twice she's slept in until 7:00. But she does usually make it to about 6:30.
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      He sounds to me on the lower energy side of normal, but definitely within normal ranges.

      My two (will be 7 months in a few days) are pretty wild when they first get up in the morning, but take a long morning nap. The rest of the day they are usually active, but only get frenzied once or twice, usually in the evening. They go in and out of the yard (we have a dog door), chew on their toys, wander through the house to see if anyone is doing anything exciting, and of course wrestle and play with each other.

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