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      Spoiled rotten puppy

      So, I am the disciplinarian around here - my husband spoils the pups rotten.

      Sassy has ever since we started having them sleep upstairs, gotten up between 5-6 am and barked until someone came to let her out. At first it was because she had to pee, but lately it’s been a habit that was reinforced by continuing to go get her. Personally, I would have let her “cry it out” but she’s in my daughter’s room and that would mean NO ONE in the house would be able to sleep. I’ve been telling my DH for months that it’s just a habit, and that she doesn’t need to go out that early, but he kept saying he didn’t mind getting up with her. Then, after he lets her (and the other two because of course they’ve heard him get up and want in on the fun) out, he goes back to sleep on the couch until it’s time to get the kids up around 6:45 for school. (Which is another thing - if they had to take the bus they’d be up earlier, but he drives them, LOL). Reason he stays downstairs on the couch is that the baby gates won’t hold them and they will come up and play very noisily outside the bedroom doors, preventing anyone from sleeping. Heaven forbid he actually CRATE them.

      So anyway, he’s away on business this week, so I’ve been in charge. Monday night, I put Sass to bed with a citronella bark collar on (we use them to keep them quiet in their crates while the other dogs are training). I heard her whine and make a little noise around 5:15, but I ignored it - the collar made it impossible for her to get in the earsplitting noises that keep us awake. Went and got her at 6:45 and don’t you know she was just fine. Last night, did the same thing and there was not a peep out of her - she was still asleep with my daughter when I went to get her at 6:45. After I got the kids off to school I was really tired (I am a night owl, so was up late) so I wanted to go back to bed for a nap - put them in their crates for an hour and don’t you know they survived the experience with no problems? Who would have thought?

      Now that I’ve established a precedent, I am not going to let him go back to indulging them, LOL.

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      Now that I’ve established a precedent, I am not going to let him go back to indulging them, LOL

      Yeah, well, good luck with that. If you ARE successful in BAT training your DH you will have to give detailed instructions.

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      I am so guilty of over spoiling our now 14 week old and she has me so trained. I am not sure why I'm so weak with this one but your post just reminded me that I need to toughen up ASAP!!

      Now training your hubby is another story

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      This sounds so much like here. Mardi will be quiet all night but Archie won't. He sleeps in his crate and on the nights with DH works, the door is closed. When DH is home, the door is open. Archie has to check up on us throughout the night poking with a cold wet nose. DH is such a softie with them.
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      We are so lucky and I have to brag on Mocha. I get up at 5:30-6:00am M-F. On the weekends he will let us sleep till I wake up. But I swear he can hear my eyes open! On Fridays when DW gets home he lets her sleep till she wakes up too. We are so lucky.
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      No such thing as a spoiled puppy, just a softie DH!!
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