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      13 week old puppy mounting my 2 year old lab, cut off whiskers? and command barking

      Hello, I just rescued a 12 week old chocolate lab to add to my 2 other labs now I have a yellow black and chocolate ha. Named him Koda. My question is his whiskers look quite short and prickly compared to what I remember my other two have had? Does he look full lab to you? From what the rescue gave me was some Aca certificate which is i have no idea what that is. To me I look at him and think he def is a mixed breed but some views he looks all lab? Not that its totally important I'd just like to know your guys opinions. He is a healthy soon to be 13 weeks old tomorrow and almost tips the scales at 30 lbs so before I got him the rescue def fed him lol. Little chubby guy. The last two photos you can look at his whiskers, what do you think? Someone cut them???

      my fav

      these last two you can see his whiskers

      he also command barks pretty bad and keeps mounting my 2 year old female lab. also seems like he is suckling under her trying to find milk? my 2 year old has been spayed since 6 months old.
      its weird my 13 week old will not even try it on my 1 year old male lab? i think my 1 year old did however warn him not to do it. any thoughts? or just normal for a young puppy yet?

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      He looks and sounds all lab to me. Just young and didn't have the best upbringing as he entered the world but it looks like he is on the right road now.

      Whisker break and fall off for all kinds of reasons. Where he was kept he could maybe rub his face on the floor or stick his nose through the bars on a crate or something. They will grow back in. He also may be more english lab than field lab. Your other labs from the picture are Field labs. While you do not know for sure he may be English bred. If so his weight and everything are fine. Look at the Pictures section for adults and look at all of the current threads by Jen and Me, those are all English bred or also known as bench bred labs. They get bigger and stockier. However to me he looks pure lab.

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