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    Thread: Bedding

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      Jun 2014
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      We're getting our new pup in a couple of weeks. She'll be 10 weeks old. I can't decide whether I should bother with padding or soft things in the crate for her to lay on (both for day crate and bedtime crate). I've heard they'll just shred it all and may possibly ingest it Some people say they enjoy just laying on the bare plastic crate tray with a bunch of tough toys to keep them occupied. Any input is appreciated.

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      May 2014
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      We bought Mocha bedding for his daytime and nighttime kennel. The pad in his daytime he ripped at the seams and pulled the stuffing out right away. I mended it and he did it again. So, he went without padding for a while. The pad in his nighttime kennel was fine until I washed it and a couple of threads came loose. Then he chewed it, too. I wrapped a beach towel around the pan and pinned it on the bottom where he couldn't pull it. That works well and it's still what I do now.

      To be honest, I think the towel is more for me than him. I'm really not sure he cares one whit if something is on the bottom of his kennel.

      There was a post on the former website where someone said their dog pushed the bedding aside and laid on the plastic bottom because it was cooler.

      If you do decide to put anything in his kennel, supervise until you're confident. Then supervise some more

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      May 2014
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      Every dog I have crated destroyed anything I tried to use for bedding. I use old bath towels that are used for other dirty chores or ready for the trash can. Romeo will take the big one he has and push, scrape or even pull with his teeth to get to the cooler plastic tray pan to sleep on. Its just like buying your child the most expensive toy in the store and they play with the box.

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      Jun 2014
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      I would not bother with bedding. It'll either get destroyed, eaten, pushed aside, or used to absorb pee. I have only had one Lab that was allowed any bedding before the age of two.

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      May 2014
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      Our 14 week old puppy rarely sleeps on the bedding in his crate or his pen. He seeks out the coldest surface in any area to sleep on. I guess we are lucky he hasn't shredded the pillows and blanket we have in there. Probably just a matter of time.

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      May 2014
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      Chili never pee'd in his crate or chewed his bed. He has puked a couple times and maybe a wet dream or 2. when he lived outside in a kennel/igloo. he did tear apart his electric heat pad. I guess it was too warm for him at 0 degree temps. every dog probably different, only way to know is to try. Chili had memory foam in his crate since the day I brought him home. if he chewed it up he was going to get nada...he never chewed it.
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      Jun 2014
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      We bought crate padding, only to watch our 10 week old pup try to destroy it at 3am one night. So he went without bedding in his crate for quite some time and he seemed fine. We did get him a dog bed around 8 months, but that was because he figured out how jump up on our couch and sprawl across the whole length of it (belly up and legs spread, charmingly). He only tried to mouth the bed once, and a firm "leave it" ended that immediately. I'd skip the bedding for a new pup. Not sure about the "tough toys", but the only one we can reliably leave with Jackson is a rubber kong. He destroys any plush toys, even the tough chew ones.

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