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      5mo old pees whenever she wants- often NOT outside! What age should she "get it"?

      So, Sasha's made her way to many of the categories here... I feel close to giving her up. I'm not sure i even like her anymore- Yes, it's sad, i wanted to really Love her and be happy to come home to her, etc... But she isn't "sweet" or "cuddly" or "affectionate" like i see the Golden Retriever pups in my obedience class (a similar breed)- though i see them act up too- they eventually lighten up and go back to their owner and let others pat them & snuggle, etc. Not mine! Mine just keeps biting, jumping and sniffing everywhere (looking for food???) - she is sociable- almost too much- she does NOT run to me if she's scared. She is rarely scared. She's ALWAYS "on" and completely busy and nosey all the time. It IS tough for her as it's just the 2 of us at home so I empathize re: that- but we play out back every AM with the tennis ball, sticks & her favorite toy and take walks- no parks yet and again inside a lot at night. She took to her crate well and only had a few accidents in there very early on (again- not typical- but i'll give her a pass, she was 8-9wks old) I do all the right things taking her out by the book but she still squatted whenever/wherever. This improved when i bought those jingle bells for the door! She uses them and it works GREAT! (except she also uses them when she just wants to GO OUTSIDE- but that's not important here) Despite her having just peed - she'll still go again inside (and not go to the door) literally ANYWHERE- right in front of me last night!!! Just squats and goes! it makes no sense- i don't think it's because she isn't fully emptying her bladder- at least not all the time- and even if it IS that- why not let me know? Sometimes she'll even bark at me to go out- but she just has these "accidents" about once a week. I know she understands to GO outside~ (i think?) Is it laziness- she has a rather stuck up attitude- it's true! Hard to explain~ but she behaves like she only deserves the Best. I may be projecting but she's quite the little primadonna. Her problems are adding up more than her attributes frankly and i'm rethinking even keeping her at this point. I am SO tired (still putting her out 12a & 5a) and she's just a pia! Please don't just respond she's being a Puppy. I've had puppies- but NONE were like THIS ONE. (except maybe my terrier mix- he was AWFUL- she reminds me a lot of him- smart/devious/energetic & with occasional growling over food) I mean- do i need to hire a Personal Trainer? She's already costing me a small fortune. She has GI problems- "hopefully" will improve now on a prescription dogchow. But she just finished 3 courses of Metronidazole. I asked my Vet about the Tylan someone mentioned on this website... Vet didn't seem to think it would do much differently BUT i'm asking for it if she gets sick again. Anyways- I know i'm venting now- I have a ton of stress already in my life with 2 elderly parents. Just had to put their Cocker down yesterday- it was awful. BUT- it would be nice if when i got home to Sasha - if she'd be FUN- not just trying to eat the most dangerous things in my house (tonight she chewed through the vacuum cord!) She had her bone and within seconds must have switched! Nobody can supervise ever second- it's impossible. she also bitse my arms and toes off! (oh and my FACE!) for THAT- i do swat her and Yell! Unacceptable- that cobra thing she does. You can shame me if you want to- but I'm sure in the animal world they do a lot worse. (in fact, at Petsmart a grown dog DID put her in her place and she became subdued- it's what she needed). Now, i want her to Trust me- but she also needs Limits. She acts like a wild animal 1/2 the time. I don't want her to have to live in her crate- that isn't fair to her. But when i am feeling such frustration (which is happening MORE OFTEN) that's where i put her. At least she is safe and i won't yell at her. I don't reprimand the peeing. i just clean it. I DID grab her last night as she was in the act put her right outside (oh and it began to rain- like the rest of my life)- but i "know" she didn't put it together... Oh well. Please somebody tell me they've owned a puppy like this and it gets better and does NOT take 2years! What kind of creature takes 2yrs to behave? I know i keep bringing up my previous dogs- but the "slow to mature" thing- can't possibly mean she should act like a 12wk old puppy for 2yrs, can it? I obviously didn't do enough research on this breed. I was told by SO MANY people that the Lab will make a great low key even tempered loving companion dog- Wow, was I misled. And, my uncle owned one- a black one just like her- HE didn't act like this at all. He was super mellow and kind of an oaf. THAT is what i was looking for after my higher maintenance dogs. Thanks for listening and hopefully someone can weigh in on the housebreaking. (no, i am not confining her to one room anymore)

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      I would recommend that you return her to the breeder or give her up to a reputable rescue. Northeast All Retriever Rescue (NEARR) is an excellent rescue in your area.

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      Holy shit she is only 5 months old! I sorry but you are the problem, not the puppy. I have nothing else to say but you are an ass and you dont deserve a dog

      Woody ban me if you feel you need to

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      I only kind of skimmed, it's hard to read all that text without some paragraph breaks. But I think I read about a pretty normal Lab puppy Except for the peeing. You did mention the Vet, has he checked for UTI? An inverted vulva?

      No, you can't supervise every second, that's why you have a safe place to put her when you can't watch every second. I had a gated kitchen. At 5 months, is she teething? They'll chew anything then. Some chew all their lives. Teething might possible throw off her bathroom needs too, if she is hurting in her mouth she might forget about peeing outside, but that's a long shot I think.

      Yep, that's why I am not every going to train on bells.

      Did you get Sasha from a reputable breeder who knew you wanted a low key, easy puppy? She actually sounds like my boy, who even our field trainer thought was a high energy dog.

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      Sounds like a puppy that's not getting enough exercise. I think you're being way too hard on her

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      House Broken
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      Wow. Yes that's a puppy. I think maybe you need a lazier, less active breed if you want a puppy? You would probably be happier. I'm dealing with some puppy issues over here too. Ours is terrorizing the old wiener dogs. He's bitey sometimes (but not as much now). He's been to training but he's nowhere near done. He's 6 months old, teething, and in his adolescent stage so yeah he doesn't always listen. The biggest problem we have right now is his attitude toward the wieners when they come in the kitchen. So that's our focus for now. I'm sure he probably needs more mental stimulation. Maybe more exercise too. We will figure it out with the trainer.

      You have to put in a LOT OF WORK with active puppies and it is HARD. Our previous guy was a "puppy" until he was about 3 or 4 years old! We always had to put the garbage can in the bathroom and shut the door when we left him home alone and always had to put any dog treats or the loaf of bread or whatever he might want to eat in the microwave lol! He was the absolute best dog though. This guy we have now is completely different from Jesse...but that's how it goes.

      "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar..."

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      Hopefully the post was written in a moment of frustration and anger. Because the terms you use to describe your dog are sad. she's a baby she isn't being "stuck up". nor a primadona. she is a "PIA". "wild animal". If you really do have too much on your plate and this puppy is not a fit for you, then yes please return her tot he breeder or contact a reputable rescue ASAP, it's easier to rehome when they are younger (and quicker to address issues). If it's not going to work out, best to address that right away VS delay and grow more frustrated. Going back to your previous posts you have never said anything good about this puppy.

      Note that labs are SUPER overbred. It's the most popular breed and there are tons and tons of people breeding them. This means there is a HUGE range in temperment, energy level and looks. so just because it is a "pure bred " lab doesn't really mean much for temperament and looks. So where you got the puppy could play a huge part of things. Also, even good labs are pretty rotten puppies. They are super energetic an rambunctious at the best of times. The adults who are behaved and calm took years of training and exercise to get there.

      If you are willing to try and make it work, here are few things thoughts/questions:
      - what is your daily routine? including exercise (what kind and how long?)
      - what kind of daily training sessions do you do (formal/informal)? Or other "work teh brain" stuff
      It is hard to offer advice without knowing more info but it sounds like maybe a lack of structure, training (every day training) and lack of physical and mental exercise.

      Hiring a trainer to come into your home is NOT a failure, or being "a incompetent dog owner". it's about realizing that professionals (qualified educated and experienced) have knowledge to help you thru tricky situation. Good trainers continue to take education, classes, read to keep on top of their game. it's not something the average dog owner "just knows". If you find a trainer, ensure they are properly educated and trained themselves not just "self taught". I recommend a positive based trainer (avoid anyone who talks about "pack theory" and "being the boss/alpha".

      Regarding your frustration: if you are as frustrated as your post sounds on a continual basis - the puppy will FEEL that frustration and it will feed their behaviour and you end up with a spiral and nothing will ever improve. In order to train and work with dog/puppy you need to find your "zen place". otherwise training sessions just won't work. A trainer may be able to help you find strength to put into place a new structure and find your zen. Even my own dog, if I go into training frustrated about ANYTHING in my life, she shuts down. some dogs may ramp up instead. But your energy will absolutely dictate how the interaction will go and frustration will lead to things going badly. I COMPLETELY understand how frustrating puppies can be. But in order to get anywhere you need to find your zen. Crate teh puppy and go for a walk ro something, then exercise them and THEN try to work with them.

      Not all puppies or dogs are cuddly. don't compare. each dog is an individual. Your dog may cuddle more once it gets older. Or not, maybe they just are not a snuggling kinda dog. my lab isn't a huge cuddler unless we share the couch. My younger dog was a huge cuddler until she matured and now she cuddles sporadically. do I wish both were crazy cuddlers? sure, but i love them for who they are.

      I would absolutely tald to your vet about a possible UTI which could cause issues with how often she pees and bladder control.

      House training: at 5 months i would say not many dogs are actually 100% house trained. they may not have accidents because they are taken out but any change in routine and owners need to be cautious. sounds like she has too much freedom/possibly not enough structure & trips outside ensuring she pees. she shouldn't have free roam of the house if she is having accidents. How much space depends on the dog. Stick to potty basics 101 and do NOT assume she "knows and is being stubborn". she doesn't "know".

      "she also bitse my arms and toes off! (oh and my FACE!) for THAT- i do swat her and Yell!" - please do not yell or hit your dog. First off, it really just ramps them up and gets them more exited. Secondly, it will impact your relationship with the dog, thirdly, it will not show her what to do/what is appropriate.

      Crating: you say you dont' want her to live in her crate, how much is she crated? (ex: are you crating all day while you are at work?)
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      My first thought is UTI...has she been vetted for this possible urinary issue? This very easily could be something other than deliberate.

      Unless this was written in a moment of extreme frustration, and is totally overstated, I agree with the members who've suggested that you not keep this dog.
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      I had a hard time reading the paragraph too. 5 months is still OK to "not get it". I would get a new vet and maybe test for a UTI. A common cause for a lot of indiscriminant peeing.

      But if the pup overwhelms you, it might not be time for a pup.

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      I can only echo what others have said. Sounds like your pup is not exercised enough and needs more time to play. As for the potty training, what are you doing to train her? Are you praising when she goes outside? Are you using a command like "go potty!" when she goes outside? How often are you taking her out? When Bacon first came home, he was out every 30 mins, after eating and after each nap. He picked it up pretty quickly as we did lots of praise with every trip outside.

      In terms of the puppy behavior, let me say this is typical lab behavior. They are challenging puppies, but grow up into amazing dogs. There were times where I just sat and cried when Bacon was a pup. But with lots of bite inhibition training, formal obedience, lots of free play (a tired puppy is a happy puppy) we found a routine that works the best for us. He is now almost 3 and an absolute joy.

      I really hope you take our comments to heart. We are not trying to be mean, just trying to give you the best advice possible.
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