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    Thread: Who Else?

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      May 2014
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      Who Else?

      I wrote this in memory of our first black Lab Jet who we lost to old age in 2007. Before I found this board. She was 14 and a half. It's not her birthday or anything, not the anniversary of her death. I was just searching for another document and came across this and thought I'd post it. Jet was one of a kind and at the time I was thinking we would never see another companion like her.

      Who Else?

      Who else will greet each and every new day with a warm snuggle, a stolen sock, bright expectant big brown eyes and her tail wagging?

      Who else will be thrilled to retrieve the morning newspaper from the end of the driveway no matter how hard the rain or deep the snow?

      Who else will bring me my shoes in a clear message that it is time to go out for a walk?

      Who else will wait at the fork in the trail to see which way we’ll go then leap up in a happy jump with the obvious attitude of, “oh boy, that’s just the way I wanted to go.”?

      Who else will sniff out the portage trail on a canoe trip when it is overgrown and hard to find?

      Who else will find the campsite in the shade on the other side of the river when it is time to make camp?

      Who else will keep me warm in my sleeping bag on near freezing nights on a canoe/camping trip?

      Who else will pick up and carry my ski gloves when I unknowingly drop them?

      Who else will race down the ski hill in front of me and leap up in a big spinning circle in an expression of sheer delight?

      Who else will reach in to steal beans from the garden but never set foot in it?

      Who else will bring me my slippers, without being asked, when I return home?

      Who else will separate the cats when they have a spat?

      Who else will console me with a head on my knee or a full body snuggle when I feel ill or sad?

      Who else will fill my life with joy, companionship, pride, inspiration and unwavering love?

      Who else, but my Jet. My Jetskipup. My pretty girl. My black shadow in life, my bright light in my memory and always in my heart with love.

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      Where is that tissue box

      It's so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Jet certainly was a very special girl.

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      Oh that's really touching - she surely was amazing girl

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      May 2014
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      Such a beautiful tribute. You refer to Jet occasionally and know she lives in your heart and is with you always.

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      House Broken
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      May 2014
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      Thank you for posting that... your previous mentions of Jet made me know what a special girl she was, and this just reaffirms it. Wonderful.
      PS Oban is awesome too.

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      May 2014
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      Beautiful tribute to Jet.

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      barry581's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      I can't tell you how much that hit me right in the heart. I truly can't say any one of the Labs I've had has been my favorite, every single one of the was so special in their own way. I miss each one. Bad. Every. Day.

      Thank you so much for post this Snowshoe. A great tribute to another amazing Lab. My heart goes out to you.

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      May 2014
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      absolutely beautiful!

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      May 2014
      SE, PA
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      Just beautiful, what a special girl.
      Hidden Content

      Maxx and Emma Jean

      Ozzy - 10/2002 - 06/2011 - Rest well my sweet boy. You are forever remembered, forever missed, forever in my heart.

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      May 2014
      New Jersey
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      What a beautiful tribute to Jet. Thanks so much for re-posting.


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