I remember Annie very well,she was a yellow lab.I remember my parents getting her when I was 14 years old as a puppy.I was happy when she came home.Was a great family dog and loved getting her out outside throwing her tennis balls which she would chase.Loved tennis balls and bought a lot of them for Annie.Loved the water a lot.Was even great around my brothers too,she loved them too.Annie was a very social dog around family and friends.Loved being around my friends as well including both of my brother's friends too.Then in 2005,we got the bad news and it was at the vet's office.Had bone cancer that was terminal,I cried hearing this.It got worse and my parents made the decision to put her down.Had the look saying I had a very good life with lots of love and it was time for her to go.Had her creamated and I have some of her ashes in a small urn.I know it's tough doing this,was part of the family.