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      That is a great idea! I hadn't thought of that. Would a shelter allow me to foster if I'm out of the house for work during the day?

      I know its tough with Rocky. I spent a lot of the last months with Dakota wondering how long I had with her and she wasn't even showing any obvious signs of being as sick as she turned out to be, I just knew she was declining and thought it was that she was 13. Looking back I wish I had not done that but its nearly impossible not to.
      Love him with all you got so he feels it Gosh he is so handsome. I just love Chocolate

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      I never fostered for shelters but rather private rescues. I live alone and work outside the home all day. makes it a bit trickier at first and I can't keep a dog with seperation anxiety as I can't properly work on it (and I have an attached neighbor who is home all day so not cool to have a dog barking for hours). Each group has their own rules. Once I moved and couldn't go home at lunch I often had a dog walker the first week to help transition.

      realistically, many adopters will be out of the home all day so good to know a dog can handle that or not.

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      I am sorry to hear of your sadness. I feel the same way since we recently lost Buster. There is so much of an empty feeling in my heart and the holidays don't make it easier. You just have to take things day by day. I did not want to put our decorations, or even turn on my tree lights. I've tried to look at it as we are not mourning him, but rather celebrating his life. I also try to look at it that he wouldn't want me to be sad. Honestly ever since we lost him 3 weeks ago, I cry every day. Keep hanging in there and hope some of these tips help you out.

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