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      Remembering Jules...

      Today marks one year since we said goodbye to Jules. I want to thank Jules. I want to thank him for being my first dog. For being my guinea pig to learn how to train a dog. For letting me make mistakes and still loving me and trusting me. I don't know if I always deserved the latter but he did it anyway. I want to thank him for being so tolerant of a 6 month old climbing all over him, poking his nose, and using his lips to hoist himself on those little feet. It is because of Jules that we now have Archie. Archie has it much better than Jules initially did because I learned so much of what NOT to do on Jules. It's not like Jules didn't have a good life. He did. I just took a while to make it as good as it could be because, well, I didn't know anything about dogs except that I wanted one. Anyway, Jules, I miss you. You were my fuzzy buddy and I wish I could hug you right now.

      This is the last photo I took of Jules on the day we let him go.


      This is Archie chilling on the sofa with my hubby. Jules wasn't allowed on the sofa until he was about 7 yrs old. Archie thanks you for paving the way!

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      What a handsome boy, basking in the sun...that's a great memorial picture.

      And that spoiled rotten dog, treating your husband like breathing furniture...what a lovable pooch Archie is. I always enjoy his pictures.
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      It's always good when you can remember a dog that you lost, with fond members and like here, with a gratitude of thanks. Dogs are great teachers of how to love and be loved.

      Jules, you did a suburb job in your life teachings and how as you rest gently, you can feel that you were a success in all things dogs do for us humans.
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