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      Senior Dog
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      May 2014
      Williamsburg, Virginia
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      Run free, Kimber

      Oh, Kimber. You took a piece of our hearts when you left us.

      Kimber was sweet, and gentle, and patient, and focused, and happy. She was a terribly BUSY puppy, always on the go, always wanting to play, let's go go go! She flunked advanced obedience (what do you mean "hold this sit?" we should play!), got a little too competitive in flyball, and absolutely adored agility. She had such drive, intelligence, and curiosity, she would've made an excellent working dog.

      Every person she met was a new friend, and other people loved her. We joked she was a Walmart greeter dog- when we were out and about, she liked to stop to say hello to people, but had little patience for standing around to chat. Let's keep moving! My friend and I said she was our personal trainer/pace dog- no lollygagging when Kimber's around.

      She grew up in the country and never lost her taste for exploring (another nickname: LabraDora the Explorer), and right until the end, found joy in sniffing trees and grass and plants. In her later years, she enjoyed many hours sitting in the front yard, watching the world go by.

      Rarely was she goofy, but she made me laugh every day. Every vet we saw mentioned how happy she was, and how she seemed younger than her years. She had a great smile.

      I have to believe that you are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I expect a *very* quick kiss, a big smile, and then for you to say, "C'mon Mom! Get a frisbee for me and let's go play!"
      Stormageddon, Princess of Darkness, aka "Stormy"
      Birthday 9-13-18, Gotcha Day 11-11-18
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      Miss Kimber, CGC, 6/15/2005-1/27/2018 forever in our hearts

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      May 2014
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      What a perfect example of a true lab, Kimber the '
      LabraDora the Explorer'!
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      CRACKER-My Heart Dog FOREVER 6/10/2005-7/9/2011

      Mike and Gabe--GOTCHA 7/25/2011

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      Jun 2014
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      She sounds like a dog that will be missed so much! Lucky for you to have had her in your life.

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      Best Friend Retriever
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      May 2014
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      What a sweet, loving tribute. I hope that your memories will bring you comfort during this very painful time. Her antics will be etched on your heart.

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      May 2014
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      Very sorry for your loss of Kimber! She was an inspiration to us and we loved following her adventures! We'll see them at the Bridge. Hugs to you.
      WE ... ARE ... CALLEY'S FAMILY!
      John & Jeannie, humans to:
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      Tava - b 4/12/2015 gotcha 7/11/2015
      Haleigh - b 3/2/2015 gotcha 2/4/2017

      Forever in our hearts:
      Michaela Calley Eileen, CGC - b 12/14/2002 d 1/28/2018
      Midnight Valentino, VGB - b 8/18/2003 d 5/4/2015

      No Bad Days * Positive is How We Live * Practice Aloha

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      Mar 2015
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      Great looking lab...sorry again!
      Griffin growing up!

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      Griffin Male Black Lab 03/14/16 -

      Yukon My Wonderful Yellow Lab 11/20/06 - 03/12/19 Will cherish the memories!!!!
      My Precious Tanner Boy 11/25/02 - 6/25/15 Will miss you always!!!!

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      Senior Dog
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      May 2014
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      So very sorry for your loss... run free Kimber and keep exploring ❤️

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      May 2014
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      I am so sorry for your loss.
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      Coleman - CGC blk lab 6/02/97-2/25/08 adopted
      Tootsie - choc lab 10/19/99-8/03/13 adopted
      Bailey - CGC newf/fc 7/12/00-07/15/14 rescued
      Ginger - BT 11/16/05 rescued
      Sarah - blk lab 6/22/06 rescued
      rescued felines - AJ - 8/00 - 1/11, Merlin - 5/20/05, Tucker - 8/3/10, Penny - 7/7/13

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      May 2014
      South Carolina
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      I haven't been on or posted in a while and this is heart breaking. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Run free sweet Kimber girl.

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