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    Thread: A Poem I found

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      A Poem I found

      -696c6bb1-bd5e-4ad0-93b5-e5d7ddc33a00-jpg I hope this goes large enough for you to see. Missing my sweet Montana and soulmate Dakota. I know you all can relate.

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      When tomorrow starts without me
      And I’m not here to see
      If the sun should rise and find your eyes
      All filled with tears for me

      I wish you wouldn’t cry
      The Way you did today
      While thinking of the many things
      We did not get to say

      I know how much you love me
      As much as I love you
      Each time that you think of me
      I know you will miss me too

      When tomorrow starts with out me
      Please try to understand
      That an angel came and called my name
      And took me by the hand

      The angel said my place was ready
      In heaven far above
      And That I would have to leave behind
      All those I Dearly Love

      But When I walked through Heaven’s Gates
      I felt so much at home
      When GOD looked down and smiled at me
      From his golden throne

      He said This Is Eternity
      And All I promised you
      Today for life on earth is done
      But Here it starts a new

      I promise no tomorrow
      For today will always last
      And Since each day’s the exact same way
      There is no longing for the past

      So When Tomorrow starts without me
      Do not think we’re apart
      For every time you think of me
      Remember I’m right here in your heart
      Author: David M Romano

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      Quote Originally Posted by MontananDakota View Post
      -696c6bb1-bd5e-4ad0-93b5-e5d7ddc33a00-jpg I hope this goes large enough for you to see. Missing my sweet Montana and soulmate Dakota. I know you all can relate.
      Sending for you.
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      Oh dear, I'm on the verge of tears right now and there are people around and no onions to blame! Allergies, it's allergies!

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      So this a while ago and could not read it again. It grabs my heart.
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      I was just feeling sad already, missing Molly.....the poem is lovely......

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