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      Crazyhermitdogwoman's Avatar
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      Aug 2015
      Humansville, MO
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      Dukie-- a beautiful soul

      He knew he wasn't smart, and that's why 'the man' thought he was dumb. That's why he was kicked. It's why he did not know who he was. He was kept alone in a yard. Just fed, that's all. From there he went to the County Shelter. The shelter worker said he had been beaten with a ball bat. I do not think this was so since a dog would have broken ribs. A kind hearted couple in a small country town brought him home. He was chained in the yard and kids set off fire crackers near him. My neighbor brought him to home so that he would never have to live on a chain again. A year later he moved in with me, came in thru the pet doors (beware the pet doors). He could see how happy everyone here was, but he as much as worshipped my big 140# Lab, Jasper. Jasper was like the popular kid at school. He had it all together, knew the ropes. Dukie, a blocky-type Yellow Lab, never again had to wear a chain or collar. Most importantly, he was part a 'family'. After the first thunder storm, where he was safe in the basement with us, he looked up and with his little doggie spirit said, "I've always been alone and afraid, but now I don't have to be alone any more". Dukie died a week ago. I lay next to him on the grass. Made his going a little easier with some Banamine, but his blood pressure was impossibly low from Mysenthenia Gravis complicated with Adrenal Crisis. I buried him in the softness of the Blue Moon. RIP Dukie. Being loved, truly loved, is to know that you are alive, that you have not lived in vain, that you were important to somebody.

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      May 2014
      Ellicott City, MD
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      It was wonderful that Dukie was able to enjoy such a great life after all his suffering. Your memorial to him is beautiful as is your spirit. (yeah...and I admit to really liking your ID, too...)

      Welcome to the board, chdw.

      Rest in Peace, Dukie..you were so well appreciated and loved...Run Free!
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      Sunnie: gotcha day 03/08/09; birth unknown but given 07/01/02

      Danny: The Sundance Kid....Sunnie's boy....birth 03/31/09 (in my living room)

      Barb (ID formerly "Baffle")

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      May 2014
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      So very sorry for your loss. Your tribute is beautiful. Every dog, every single one, deserves love and a home like you gave Dukie. Thank you for being his savior.

      Rest In Peace Dukie
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      Kissing Bandit

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      May 2014
      Carolina in my mind..
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      Dukie was lucky to find you at last. So sorry for your loss.

      Chase 9/29/2006- 6/30/2017 Always in our hearts
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      Henry 7/14/18

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      May 2015
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      So incredibly sorry for your loss. It sounds like Duke was lucky to find you, and I'm sure that you were equally lucky to find Duke.

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      ChoppersDad's Avatar
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      Sep 2014
      Lake Oswego, Oregon
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      I am very sorry for you loss. It is really tough to lose a pet. Rest in peace Dukie. Thank you for saving him and giving him a great home while he was with you.

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      May 2014
      SE, PA
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      I am so glad your Dukie finally found peace and love, something every dog deserves and very sorry for your loss.

      Godspeed Dukie.
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      Maxx and Emma Jean

      Ozzy - 10/2002 - 06/2011 - Rest well my sweet boy. You are forever remembered, forever missed, forever in my heart.

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      Sandra's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      What a beautiful tribute to Dukie. Bless you for giving him such a good life.

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      House Broken
      Itstangy's Avatar
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      Jul 2015
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      RIP Dukie.
      I'm so glad you were there to give Dukie a wonderful life and that he has felt love, compassion and kindness. Beautiful Tribute...I wish more people had sense like you and understand our animal friends. They are all special and are a gift to us.

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      barry581's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Dukie had a rough start. But in his own way, he found his way to happiness with a loving family. Bless you for giving him the loved he needed. Take comfort in knowing as he passed over the Bridge, he briefly looked back, wagged his tail knowing he was loved at the end.

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