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      Drinking your veg?

      I love soup. Not just a little but a lot. But you hand me a plate of roasted veg and I'm kind of put off.

      Is there anything wrong with drinking your veg?

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      According to OH's dietician when he had that Whipple surgery and was eating smoothies, yes there is. Your body was meant to digest whole food and he was to try eating normal meals as soon as could to make sure everything was working and digesting properly without help. The more, and further ahead, of actually eating you help the digestive process by blending the more nutrients you lose to oxidation. I looked into this when making raw for Oban too and it seems slow juicing is the best way to retain nutrients but still not as good as eating whole food, even considering we cook our own food. And juicing is best if you use the stuff we normally discard, which of course I would do for the dog.

      But you said soup and I didn't look into that but I imagine if it's a blender soup and the only way you ever get your veg is in long simmered soup the same must apply. But I didn't check soup. I have a great blender soup recipe that we love.

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