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    Thread: Apple Butter

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      Woody's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Apple Butter

      Has anyone made Apple Butter before? I tried the recipe below but it turned out to be more of a brown apple sauce.
      I don't think I let it simmer long enough. I only threw in a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon and honey.

      All-Day Apple Butter Recipe - Allrecipes.com
      Thanks Everyone!!

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      May 2014
      Centreville, VA
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      I've made apple sauce in the slow cooker but never apple butter. The recipe sounds delicious. Maybe the flavors will develop after it sits for a while?
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      Sam and Frank

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      May 2014
      Grand Rapids, MI
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      I have made Apple Butter before, however I have no idea where the recipe is I used or I would post it. It also depends on the apple you use as well. Jonathan Gold or Fuji are usually the best. Then it sets up better once it cools down and refrigerates. My recipe was different as I distinctly remember cooking mine then mashing the apples through a strainer then cooking some more. Mine was really really good though.

      Unfortunately its been a couple years since I made it. If I ever find the recipe again, I know I have it in a cook book, but no idea whic hone and where it is, I will post it. I have been thinking about it not that I am making more of my own breads.

      Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, I made it twice before I finally got it all figured out and dialed in. The first time it was all watery as well. This came from when I was pushing through the strainer. I wasn't "pushing" through the strainer, I thought I was supposed to put the mixture in and strain it, but it literally meant using a spoon and pushing everything through the strainer by force, the only think left was bit of peel and stuff that couldn't mash through.
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      Dec 2014
      Southeast USA
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      My grandma used to make apple butter from her apple trees. It was the best thing ever. Unfortunately, I have no clue how she made it. I should really get the recipe from her.
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      May 2014
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      Love apple butter but have never made it. Tons of applesauce though.

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      charliebbarkin's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Someone made this for me recently. It was yummy, but yes, more like an applesauce than apple butter.
      Charlie and Burton

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