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    Thread: 2nd Labrador

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      2nd Labrador

      As some of you know, I am getting my second Labrador. Do you have any tips on how to bring her home and introduce her too ur first, older one. The new one is 4 and the older one is going on 7. They are both sweet and friendly. The 7 year old is sweet and friendly, but she will say hello politely and then do her own thing, I suspect. i am hoping that it brings out some of her younger Lab playfulness, again, and that they bond nicely and play and explore together. I know that you cannot entirely tell how two might bond together, and that they will set their own hierarchy, but I am looking for some tips to getting them together nicely, and tips to alleviate any stress our older dog might incur upon the arrival. They are both outgoing females, but mine has been hurt a couple of times by not aggressive, but rambunctious dogs at the dog park, so she is more reserved than she was. I have thoughts on where their crates should be placed, (together or separate), and if they should be fed at different times, etc. The one we have now will most likely be in a crate in our room at night, and the new one if trustworthy, will most likely be in my daughter's room in her crate. Mine can go outside off leash in our yard without restraint. i am hoping that the new one will eventually be trustworthy the same way. Our back yard is fenced in and we have a lead in the front for her.

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      i'd get two adults and go for a walk before they meet. start past your driveway (as in, not in your yard). walk side by side see how it goes, give spaces if needed. Remove all toys and bones and bowls (except water) in the house. I generally keep a leash dragging on the dogs as well once we move inside.

      Feed in crates or seperate rooms and remove bowls at least at first (to avoid potential for issue even if there may not be any). I'd wait awhile to see about bones to be honest (like weeks). for toys you can play it by ear (especially if yours doesn't care for toys). I'd leave some space between crates for now.

      From there it depends. depends on their body language and how they are doing and how your dog is about new dogs on her turf. You may be better off seperating them in the house (or keeping them on leash so they can't get to one another. or not. You can try them in the back yard first (after the walk if it was successful).

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      I've had two labs at a time for years, until recently. We have an empty lot next door and the new lab gets a chance to walk around a minute, acclimating. Then the other lab is brought out, a quick meet and greet, and we head out for a walk with DH and I in the center, dogs on the outside. As we go along we'll move the dogs to the inside depending on how they are doing trying to keep both on the move and back to the empty lot for more greeting. By that time all the labs have been comfortable with each other.

      In the house, the original dog is always petted first, fed first, etc. Feeding is done on opposite sides of the kitchen with me in between. He/she who finishes first must stay on their side of the kitchen until the other is finished. Treats are monitored closely as I'll have both sit side by side; again the original lab first treat. Toys and monitored closely when they are brought out. Time is split between the two together and apart, play and training.
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