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      We have adopted from two different lab rescues when we lived in VA. The first time we adopted was a black male lab that was supposed to be good with other dogs and cats. He nipped at me while loading into the back of the explorer which i should have known was a sign something was off then, but i put it up to nerves, he never did it again. With in days he was after our seniour cats and baby Bailey. So after a week we returned him to rescue. They refused to take him back! I talked to a volunteer and she said he had been dropped off the morning we adopted him, by a mother with crying children in the car, someone in the rescue took him to her house as she lived close by, he seemed good with her dog and cat so the rescue said he was ok. We took him back home commited to him since the rescue was not and looked for another home. After two weeks we found a co-worker of mine that said she would take him, i told her if it didnt' work to bring him back to me. Thankfully it worked for him he had an older dog at home with him for companionship, no cats

      That is when we found LRR. Yes their application was long and seemed like they wanted to know everything, but considering where some of these dogs come from and the condition they are in when found, most rescues want their dogs to go to loving forever homes not just some home to get rid of the dog and boost their quantity adopted for that year. After meeting several labs in their rescue, and yes a couple that wouldn't work because of our cats or even Bailey, we fell in love with Coleman and he with us. We had to wait a week as he hadn't been cat tested thankfully my boy passed with flying colors and joined our family. It was a year later when the rescue approched us about fostering and after a fostering a couple dogs we were given the pleasure of fostering Tootsie, she became our foster failure It was after we joined as volunteers that we heard the horror stories and seen first hand the results of abandonment, abuse and neglect.
      The rules are in place for a reason.

      There are rescue groups out there like the first one we went to, that have different rules and guidelines for adoption that have success stories they just were not right for us. You have to find what works for you and go with them.
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      Coleman - CGC blk lab 6/02/97-2/25/08 adopted
      Tootsie - choc lab 10/19/99-8/03/13 adopted
      Bailey - CGC newf/fc 7/12/00-07/15/14 rescued
      Ginger - BT 11/16/05 rescued
      Sarah - blk lab 6/22/06 rescued
      rescued felines - AJ - 8/00 - 1/11, Merlin - 5/20/05, Tucker - 8/3/10, Penny - 7/7/13

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      Voodoo, I'm not sure how fussy you are but there is going to be a "sell off" of breeding stock/ puppies in NM soon. The place was not reputable. Man died recently.... You can PM me if you'd like more details. Anne
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      Afew months old thread but wanted to share my experience.

      No local lab rescue will give us a dog as we had no fence and lived on a main road. So my wife got a rescue chocolate from peuto rico. very cheap btw.
      He did not like my Son . lucky another local rescue evaluated and took him. He did not like living with young children and he got adopted into a non kid environment . Then we were camping in poconos and found a Sign for puppies.
      we saw really fat 10 chocolate lab mix puppies and there mom running around in a farm. Picked one up.
      We have a invisible fence but gigi is scared after her first incident of the collar.

      But she turns 3 in a few weeks and been with us. I always wonder what is wrong with these rescues, we provide for the dog. i work from home and wife has a home based business where she will travel to meet clients but most of the time at home. we watch her and is on a runner out back and rather spoiled and fat as per vet . She travels,camps, swims and we sent her to doggy daycare once a week to keep her used to be handled by other peoples and dogs in the winter months.

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