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      May 2015
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      Help for dogs suffering from the war in Ukraine

      We are a team of dog handlers Ukrainian volunteers, which helps animals in eastern Ukraine, which suffered from the war.

      Our main activities:
      - Procurement and distribution of dry food in a combat zone;

      - Removal of the animals from the combat zone and further adoption;

      - The purchase of bullet-proof vests for working dogs that serve in the regular army.

      Unfortunately, all these costs are not covered by the state budget. The budget covers only the human needs, that is absolutely correct. But animals in need of help also should not die because of human problems. We attract patrons from all over, we engaged our funds too. And most importantly - we are engaged hands and run the risk of heading into a zone of the combat.

      We ask all concerned people to help us in this hard times. It may be sending to the necessary items or financial help, so that we can buy or pay for the necessary transport.

      We hope to help and we want to say that any help will be invaluable.

      Thank you!

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      It would be helpful if you posted a link or explain how one could help/donate if they wanted to.

      I feel so bad for these pups...and hope they get the help they need.

      Please give us more information.

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      Yes, what lovemylabby posted. Please give us more info and link to donate.

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