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      2 YO Yellow Lab for rehoming in NYC area

      This beautiful, loving and devoted 2 year old Yellow lab is looking for a new home. Piper is great with kids of all ages and adults as you can see from her pics. She enjoys going on runs with her current owner and does great on leash during this time. She is not "walked" frequently, but when she is, she is reactive to dogs on leash as well as dogs walking past her yard. She currently resides in Nassau County, Long Island, NY.
      She has lived with another lab before and gets along with most dogs when introduced properly off leash. She has attended doggie daycare where she is reported to get along with dogs off leash and loves her border collie "cousins".

      Her owner initially contacted me to assist her in rehoming due to her reactiveness and an incident with another dog. While the family had guests over, they allowed the gate to remain open for "quite some time" and Piper did "just fine" until she didnt. She saw a passing dog and ran toward the dog and bit him in the rear end. She left a small puncture, that did not injure dog enough to warrant a vet visit. She was separated from the dog. Owner visited the injured dog the next day where she found him to be fine. Owner does not want to deal with training and is surrendering her rather than spend time on training.

      Piper was evaluated by a certified trainer and details will be shared by any interested parties. We strongly believe with proper training, Piper's behaviors can be managed effectively.
      Piper needs an experienced owner who can dedicate some time to positive training techniques in order for her to reach her full potential. Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue Inc. WILL PROVIDE SEVERAL TRAINING SESSIONS with approved trainer to anyone who adopts this sweetheart. We want her and her new family to succeed! Any MEET and GREETS with potential doggie siblings will be done with the assistance of a certified trainer in Long Island who is also wiling to give discounted rates to adopters once free sessions are completed.

      Ideal home would have a tall fence and be active, working on the skills Piper lacks through training. You should live in NYC or surrounding areas.
      For more information and details on this beauty, please contact me directly at 347 776-1704.

      ** I am a long standing member of the Golden Retriever forum and have 3 Golden Retrievers of my own. I have assisted in rehoming dogs through that site several times. This dog is being adopted out through rescue. I am assisting rescue since i am the person who rescued her initially as a puppy. Pictures will be supplied once we connect.

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